Consolidated guide to getting Best performance of 4k VR


Hi guys, is there a sticky here that consolidates all the best starters guide and tweaks to run Pimax 4k at the best settings for a brand new user? just looking through forums. there’s brightness settings. I would like to play Project Cars, Dirt Rally and Asetto Corsa at the best resolution and supersampling options possible.



Hi there, unfortunately not. Difficult to get much useful information.

Dirt rally is as far as I am aware. Unplayable (the display goes of unless head is moved. No fix yet)

Asset to corsa you need to install revive and patch the game from the revive app (revive let’s oculus games run as a vice) this step might be obsolete now as of beta. Assetto corsa runs beautifully after that. Best bet is to google vr setting for asset to corsa and follow them. There area variety of options that can improve performance.

Project cars should runeasy enough.

What g card do you have ? If its the same as mine. I’ll paste up my setting as a start.


I have a gtx 1080. that’s unfortunate that it doesn’t support these major simracing games as I would think that this is targeted for that. I just bought it and it’s in the way here. Do share your settings man.


It works amazingly well in them just not dirt rally. I know people are working on it,so maybe by time you get yours it will be working.

You shouldn’t be disappointed. I went from never playing aim racing,to only playing sim racing thanks to the pimax.

You shpuld google revive, and get familiar with that. Its a small addon that works well.

I’m sure it might be possible to run assetto corsa without revive now.

Without a doubt assetto has the most amazing vr experience, although live for speed comes pretty close.


Thanks for the tips man. I come from an oculus rift with a motion rig for sim racing and really wondering if this would trump the rift with its resolution. I’ll have a look at re vive. is there a version of the firmware that works best? Seem to be seeing lots of people having issues with latest beta drivers. Might use it for virtual desktop as well and maybe watch some movies with this.


Which motion rig ?
I made up a wooden rig with car seat, motion rig is in the future. There impressive. Not sure they would make me a better driver. Are you using sim vibe ? I set up a couple of diy buttkickers.

As for the beta drivers. Best thing would be to test them yourself. I love them. So I’m not the person to ask.

I’ll get all my settings together. And if you have any problems happy to help. I’m really interested in hearing about the comparisons to the rift.

As for watching movies, I love the cinema in virtual desktop. Works a charm.

Also while I remember , in order to increase the brightness you have to send a code via a console from piplay. You might not see that here,the forum is a bit of a mess.

Main tip.set some time as side and try the various beta’s for yourself. But make a back up or restore point. Although it’s not as bad as it used to be, but the various runtimes can screw up a system


Project c.a.r.s, i7 6700k and 1080 gtx:

Version 1
steamvr settings:

  • allow interleaved reprojection disabled (enabled by default, need to be disabled in order to unlock 30 fps for any game)
  • steamvr supersampling disabled (configuration file, disabled by default)

ingame settings:

  • resolution not important (no effect)
  • other settings (up to ultra, on your choice, wont affect fps too much on 1080gtx)
  • anti aliasing (downsampling) DS2X

result: decent picture quality with 60 fps

Version 2

steamvr settings:

ingame settings:

  • resolution not important (no effect)
  • other settings (up to ultra, on your choice)
  • anti aliasing (downsampling) DS2X or DS4X

result: Since the fps is locked by 30 you can turn down/supersampling features on. Much better picture quality with better range visibility, however the fps will be locked by 30 (and you need to find a good spot where it wont drop below 30 at all)


@industria do you just do super sampling through steamvr, or also thorough project cars config file ?

I have played around with both and a mixture of both. I prefer the config file.

Documents\Project CARS


Didnt decided yet which version is better.
DS2X downsampling through the game settings has antialiasing effect with no blurring, it’s always necessary, since the VR image is zoomed and has only 2k resolution.
1.5 supersampling through steamvr improves distance view (2.0 much better, but requires a lot of ressources, 2.5 impossible :D)
As for me, both settings has a bit different impact, having only 1 of them unfortunately is not enough, however having both of them (1.5+ds2x) wont run with 60 fps, so it makes sense to lock on 30 fps and tweak both features even higher, or to play with only 1 setting enabled and 60 fps.


I Have a d-box and GS-4 rig with 8020 aluminium chassis.
And yeah I’d definitely want to set it up at its brightest and highest resolution. And yeah with Project cars if i could get it working great. I’d be happy enough. How is the 2560x1440 implementation? Is that stable? any build recommendation solely for project cars? or asetto corsa?

Wouldn’t that be an issue? 30 fps sure seems like it will be motion sickness inducing unless SteamVR has a good asynchronous time warp thing going on?


Thats how steamvr and pimax works by default (unfortunately).
Playing project cars with 30 fps but with high supersampling wasnt big problem, i’ve enjoyed it.
In resident Evil for example i had to turn it off and play with 60 fps.


How can you see FPS?


I’m checking fps and gpu load with msi afterburner (at game window, not in hmd).


Hi there,
as it’s 2018 and I could not google any updates – do you still need to use revive to play Assetto Corsa, or does it run with Piplay (and Oculus Home) by now?


You don’t need to use revive because some release ago, Assetto Corsa implemented OpenVr support, so it runs natively with steamvr. It’s possible to select OpenVr on video settings of the game


Thanks for the info!
Due to steam problems (that 0 byte update bug) I could not test AC last night, but Project Cars looked very promising. I switched from a DK2 to the 4K and am very happy so far. My model even sports a nose cushion! :slight_smile: