Contact us via service desk regarding shipping and product questions, so all the requests tracked


Dear Community,

To make sure we can track your requests and questions, please submit all your questions about product and shipping to:

You need to sign up first to use the service desk. If you need any assistance, please contact as always.

With the service desk system, we can better track your requests with all the necessary information.

The function of Service desk & other channels:

Service Desk:

  1. Submit your questions about headsets and Pitool. The system can track the conversation and the reply time.
  2. KS Backer: Delivery, logistics and change order, etc;
  3. Pre-order: Delivery, logistics, change order and cancel order, etc;
    Here’s the link:
  4. When your Ticket has a response you will receive a notification email. Please logon to the support desk to view & respond to your ticket. Please do not reply to the notification email.

Forum & Reddit:
Discuss and update production schedule, etc.

Social media(Facebook & Twitter & Youtube):
Release and update of official information.

Skype support:
We are preparing to provide you with 5d*24h online support service. It will be released soon, and I will release it in the near future.

PM me if you have any suggestion about Pimax, the community, and the product.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew | PimaxVR


Hi Matthew,

Unless this is a preview only your team & myself can see this message.



Hi Dan,
I am waiting for the service desk link to be updated and then released. Thanks


Cool. I can say making an account works.



I think this topic should be pinned, otherwise people may overlook it.


How about some REAL updates about production and why is so slow and why you guys never keep your promises!!!


Hi @Matthew.Xu

I created an account.

How to add my backer details?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Raujok,
The service desk and KS are not the same system. We can not import KS data to the service desk for the time being. Please fill in your information. Thank you.



After replying to the backer email I got an email saying to activivate an account on the service desk site…so i click on it and it said the token is expired.

but I can’t login to it… i can’t create a new account because it says my username is taken and I the send password doesn’t send me anything. None of this makes any sense…


I sent you message, please check it. Thank you


Update service desk link: is disabled.


Little note: nothing was happening when i click “注册账号(Sign up for an account)” with Chrome v70
Even when opening the link directly I just get a white page :no_mouth:

With Firefox everything is working fine though :muscle:



Thank you for your feedback.

I have submitted your feedback to IT department. Thank you


I’m not getting any information from them at all though. It’s sort of weird but I get these canned answers that don’t actually have any answers in them, followed by the status of it changing to “closed”.

Support should not change to closed without asking if your question had been answered as well as asking if there’s anything else they can help you with.

If no, then they can change status to “closed”.

I’m just trying to find out whether it’s shipped or not.

Why it is beneficial for me to know this:

  1. I’m in the us and it requires a signature.

  2. Tracking numbers apparently sometimes doesn’t even reach the customer until after the actual package is delivered. Knowing my package has been sent and is in transit will allow me to accommodate my day for being available as much as I can.

  3. Peace of mind. I know nothing right now. It could be delivered in five minutes, or weeks. I just don’t know, and I’m stuck in this state of having to be vigilant for something that might just be wasting my time.

  4. Sf express and ems are both comedically sketchy apparently. There’s a better chance of me doing anything if I know my package is in transit and missing for too long.

Thank you. Some legitimate help would be great.


Hi and ty for the graphic of the headset production …i think it’s a good idea for the consummer…but now it’s possible to do the same graphic with the base station and controller and all the accesories in the time of production start… ty for the response.


Another bug I noticed is that you cant see any posted attachments within the request.
It only shows up as !comment filename.png|thumbnail! not matter which browser i’ve tried Chrome/FF/IE/Edge.

Guess it’s a setting within the JIRA Service Desk App, maybe you can check this with your IT dep. aswell, THX.

@Dallas.Hao @pimax-support


can you tell me your service desk number for me to check your question.?


sure, it’s in the Preorder section:
PIMAX VR > Pimax Support Center > SUPEN-400

The request itself is resolved/closed (thx for that), but I cant see any of the attached pictures in the thread, neither mine nor yours - they only appear as filename/thumbnail text as described.


@Dallas.Hao Can you please help me get the password reset for my Pimax Support Center account? I have tried and it sends me an email asking me to contact support. I have tried via email several times but have received no response. Thank you.


I have sent email with the attachment to your email address.Please check