Contact us via service desk regarding shipping and product questions, so all the requests tracked


Sorry for the trouble.
Can you send a email to me
The eamil includes:1.backer number 2. account
I will follow this and make sure your account will available again.


@Dallas.Hao I just sent the email with the info requested. Thank you!


@pimax-support @Dallas.Hao


Hi @Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao

i’ve created last Tuesday a Ticket in your System (SUPEN-462), sadly since yet it’s still in status “WAITING FOR SUPPORT”. I understand that you have much to do, and usually i am really patient, but this time it has something to do with the delivery of my headset. And it would be really great to have a feedback from you before you actually send it to me.

My best regards


Sorry for the late reply.

There are so many survey issues and please contact and she will confirm your information .


Support is a single female person? :confused:


Or English isn’t his first language, anyway whats wrong with single females?


Indeed old tabletop pen & paper role playing gsmes would often use one pro noun for simplicity.


Single females are great! It’s dating those who aren’t single that cause… complications! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Dallas.Hao , Hello, what is the customs value indicated for 8K? Do you indicate for customs the full cost of the supported package or separately for HMD (Kickstarter price for one HMD $ 499)?

In our country, the customs limit of 500 euros has been introduced since 2019. Therefore, I am interested in whether I will additionally pay for exceeding the limit. I would not like, of course.
I have a pledge of the full package of 8K stations + controllers.



I’ve been trying to ask questions on the site I don’t get a reply. If I do it’s verry vage. All I asked is if I was included in this countdown or next


Thanks, i send the request via e-mail.


As for tax issues:
1.The ship method we choose will reduce the risk of pay tax.The chance of pay tax is slim
2.We will write low value on box


We will start to ship in 46Days

anyone notice is stucked at 46Days ?

no news no updates ?


Yes, grabbed this on monday…


Ordered mine on 4th Dec, hoping to get it on earlier Jan. But now you guys are saying it’ll be shipped on 16th Feb?

Whats going on actually, i dont like waiting… :disappointed_relieved:


Just in case you dont know this already. Gran Turismo 5 was pre-ordered for 2 years. Lol


@EarlyBackers & all forum members updated post number 1 please review for important info regarding support desk.


Pretty disappointed here. I first backed an 8KX in the low 400’s then switched to an 8K with a backer number in the low 800’s. Received the survey back in November and immediately replied with switch to 5k+. I emailed support for shipping details when nothing arrived but they have been ignoring me until today . I just received (Jan 30) a one line email with tracking info that shows the headset is at shipping facility in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong! At this rate it will probably get here in March. Shame on Pimax for treating their KS backers so poorly.

Alberta, Canada



Checked again today and it hasn’t moved. FEDEX now shows an exception - great!