Contact us via service desk regarding shipping and product questions, so all the requests tracked


hi,I need answers but the support does not respond to the many emails that i sent!



Atm the team is away due to Chinese New Year. They will be back on the 11th.

Added Dallas to your post. Please post your Supen number.


hi, thanks for reply, this is my order number P122592 , sku headseat P2-5P-H.



Why do you not reply to support emails? And your support link is now down?hmm and I was crazy enough to give you 1000 dollars?


The team is out of the Office until the 11th of February due to Chinese New Year.


China is celebrating Chinese New Year / Spring Festival and most businesses are closed, so their is no one at the office (which is closed for the holiday). This is the biggest holiday of the year, when most people leave the cities and travel to their home and family.


yes,i know, but today is the 12th. no one reply.


Over 5000 backers & something like 5 ppl running support. So if 200 people looking for support that’s 40/1 support member if all are back in the office.

Waiting does suck but either way need time to get things rolling. :pensive:


thanks, can you help me?where i can find my numeber of becker?


If you backed on the kickstarter. Just log into your kickstarter account.

If you paid near the end of last year you are a pre-order & would need to check your invoice for your pre order number.


yes, i have the pre-order number ORDER P122592 but i don’t know where i can check it in the plan status


Atm Kickstarter deliveries are in process. I think pimax main site said pre orders “should” start shipping on the 18th of this month if mem serves.



i’m just writing here because pimax sent to me this mail "Dear Customer,

We really appreciate your patience in waiting! We have good news for you that we will begin to ship pre-orders on 25th, Jan.

Before shipping, please kindly help us confirm your personal delivery information and meanwhile please also be aware that the model you choose cannot be changed anymore. You have a few days to correct or change your address information. We are going to end up collecting information by 25th, Jan."

so…now i want know something.


We will need to wait on a pimax team member. As I don’t have those details on pre-orders.

I did add at dallas on last post.


checking status of an order take 5 minutes, do 20 per hour
if they are 5 that 100 issues in an hour so 200 people are checked in 2 hours, lets say 3h if they are very inneficient…


Now that was:
A) an example the number is likely to be bigger than ypu could handle.
B) how fast are you with using translation software?


I hope they hired someone speaking english in their communication team or it would be very funny, or stupid…
On our side we perfectly accept if they send us raw data in english.
we even can manage the translation, i’m sure a lot of backers would gladly help to improve this communication team


Yep, I would also help out in my native language.
Also the timezone can be problem during support.

But there must be a signal from them


You are a funny individual. Obviously haven’% followed this project at all.


totally true I didn’t reach this forum before Janury this year because before that I was expecting them to respect the timeline.

The only things I follow are the update they send to us. Couldn’t lie, there wasn’t a lot.