Contact us via service desk regarding shipping and product questions, so all the requests tracked


today 13/02 no one replay…nice


today 14/02 no one reply…very nice



I have sent a request by email on your pimax support address on February 1st and directly received a confirmation that Pimax received my request.
Until now I still have not received any answer regarding my delivery update request.
I pre-ordered a 5k + (pre-order n° P121767 from oct 31st 2018) and as I can see on your webpage, Pimax is promising a shipping date for NEW order by February 21st!!!??

Please Pimax answer my request and I hope you are not sending headsets to new orders before backers or pre-orders.

So be just a little professional and give feed-back to your customers.


I put a request up like 2 weeks ago and escalated it a week ago and I haven’t got a single response. How can I just contact Pimax and actually get a response?



I would also like to know the answer to this. Also no reply since 3 weeks.



I am really dissatisfied with Pimax. I wrote a mail at around 1st February. I got e Ticket replay from the system back but Pimax never replied to me.
Pimax where is my headset? Will it ship at all? Whats the problem?
@xunshu @Dallas.Hao
To say nothing and silence all death is not a solution…
Backer number 5043 write me asap back.

The feedback/support site is also not available. It loads after 5 minutes and I cant login/register…


I have P1103, If you have P121767 … then you will have to wait a very long time. I also believe that you will not get it this year. If Pimax Pro would deliver 200 pieces per day, then we can definitely do so:

121767: 200 = 608 days

So you would have to wait almost 2 years for your Pimax if Pimax will continue like this until now.


I dont believe they’ve sold that many pre-orders.

I’m P10xx. I think they bumped the order number considerably at some point… :wink:


I hope so… and the good news is I’ve received an email on Monday to update my address for the delivery.
But since then I didn’t receive any further information (tracking or anything else).
I preordered on October 31st.


Same story, P122X preorder from October 27


I updated my address over a week ago and haven’t heard anything since.

It would be really nice if they could at least verify that the address was OK and tell You what to expect.

Like: Address verified and forwarded to UK warehouse/forwarder.


Oh yes, everything would be clear. Hopefully, this week the shipments of early preorders will start - they were supposed to start after January 25


Shipped for Pimax means, left SH warehouse. CNY delays delivery by quite a bit but it’s been a month now, hmds should be leaving local warehouses(just my 2 cents).

If tracking was better and this forum wouldn’t exist, it would be easier for people to keep their cool.

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