Controller alternatives while we wait


What is everyone going to be using for motion controllers while they wait for the Pimax ones? I was hoping to run both the Vive and the Pimax at the same time so both my wife and I could play. But the thought of giving $380 CAD to HTC for some controllers that I’m already looking to replace, seems silly.

Just curious as to what others are thinking as I can’t be the only one in this position.


I’ll probably just use my crappy Joysticks for flight sims meanwhile


The above good for with leap motion.

Below some other options

Regular :video_game: for seated.

There is also Razer Hydra & a slew of options using driver4vr


Thanks. I will definitely have to read more, but it looks like it is using the leap motion for tracking. So maybe I can add that to my pledge…

I just find it odd that no other companies have come out with controllers that utilize Valve’s tracking system yet.


Keep in mind the leap with driver4vr will likely also work using kinect with bluetooth hand controllers as @jonnypanic was showing


“Working” Keep in mind quality of tracking can be key in certain games if not all of them


I’m really just looking for a “cheap” alternative that isn’t HTC… Just doing some more reading, but could I not use Leap Motion and a pair of WMR controllers?


Or even Oculus controllers for that matter, as it is just a Bluetooth controller?


Whats about Nolo VR? Is it anygood?


Truth with Leap or a Kinect you could use any single handed controller as both track your hands & not the controller itself.

Not sure on Oculus as it might need the oculus camera &/or headset to pair.

Driver4vr is under $20 I beleive & it just calls home once a month for updates I beleive.

But probably won’t need driver4vr with hand module.

Something the testers can maybe explore. @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE


I’ve heard mixed on it. Possibly not bad for 180° due to only 1 base station.


Yeah from doing some of the reading I can see that I don’t need a physical controller, but personal preference for me would be to have a physical one. I think you may be right about the Oculus controllers though, seems like they pair through the headset. Going to have to see about the WMR controllers and see if I can just use those for button input and Drive4vr.


I’d still use controllers for buttons & the hand tracking module to track your hands.


I bought a “used” HTC Vive set from a store a few days ago. Was a really lucky find, that thing looks brand new not a single scratch, it even had most of the foils on and it has warranty.
But boy oh boy those lenses and the SDE on the vive are horrible just reminded me why i never bought a new one earlier.

But at least now i can fiddle around in Unity a bit and test some stuff before my Pimax arrives.


Yeah. Used wouldn’t be too bad, but things are damn hard to find right now, even brand new everywhere seems sold out. To be honest for the cost to buy a pair of Vive controllers, I may as well buy a used Oculus system for the same price…


Yes most of the time you find the HMD only (controllers and lighthouses missing), looks like they are either upgrading to the Pro or everyone is preparing for the Pimax to arrive :smile:. Buying new lighthouses and controllers seperately was no option for me, way to expensive.


Trust me driver4vr with kinnect is a big no no… Super high cpu usage… You wont be able to run it + 8k even with hi end. Even when working its terrible.

Please, just dont bother, or mention driver4vr


Ah but then what do we do?


I have a used HTC Vive coming in tomorrow from Ebay. It came with full kit (HMD, base stations, breakout box, chargers, and controlers) and the audio strap for $400 shipped. I figured I rather give my money to another VR enthusiast than HTC (their prices are outrageous).


@kw23 I think that was a sweet deal considering the DAS was included as well. Have fun!