Controller alternatives while we wait


I can’t find anything under 450 euros, and that is just a bit too much for me


i’d love to see a demo with LeapMotion and Kinect v1 Driver4VR !
Any idea if we can add a LeapMotion to our order before it ships ?


You will get better deals on second hand forums than on regular ebay, even if it sometimes means to pick it up yourself. In Germany we have Ebay-Kleinanzeigen where you can bargain with the seller in most cases.


Probably have to wait for pre order unless switching to 5k+


It’s crazy here. Almost like the video card market with some retailers selling above MSRP


Yeah there is no point in buying “new” soon to be outdated tech for prices that we rather expect for future devices. It is far better to buy a used bundle and resell it after having received all needed Pimax parts. May be a couple of bucks more in the beginning but with much lesser loss,