Controller Calibration that shipped with 4k


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I bought my Pimax 4k from a store that no longer exists. With the Pimax came bundled a tracking kit identical to that of the HTC link:


The Ximmerse Neon

Here’s a pic of mine:

It came in a Pimax branded box, so I’m sure at sometime or another a possible colab was going to take place.
While the head tracking works a treat, the controllers/wands aren’t all that great. They work very similar to the PS Move controllers aside from being 100% plug and play.

Problem is, there’s no additional software for them. Steam detects them as Vive controllers which means there’s no way to calibrate them. You can still “home” them like you would other controllers, but mid game orientation can get wonky, with one controller more than the other. Something basic games like Beats Saber can get hard to play and Space Pirate Training is straight up impossible with the guns changing the direction it’s pointing all the time.

Best I can describe it is like extreme drift.

From what I can tell the best way to eliminate drift with all VR controllers is to run gyro calibration. Not having additional software, I’m hoping someone else might have the same controllers, with a solution.


Without Software support, there is no way Pimax would include them.

These were likely just thrown in as a bundle without approval from Pimax.

Have you also tried contact Ximmerse through public channels?


No reply yet. Quite frankly not expecting one either.

PiPLay detects them perfectly, device icons and all as per image below. Which to me suggests some level of official support.


We never heard anything more about it, though it popped up in the beginning of this year that this package was being sold (but not much outside Asia AFAIK). There were questions if we could buy the controllers separately, for the “normal” P4K owners.
It has “official” support just like the Nolo has I recon.


Agreed, partial support is definitely evident but no ability to calibrate gyro is no good.

Was there any recommended Piplay/PiTool version?



No instructions came with the hardware, and obviously online information is super limited. The store I bought from at the time just mentioned that the tracking was in their opinion, a bit better than the Nolo’s. They didn’t seems very knowledgeable regarding the specific hardware.

Until something like the HTC VR Link is actually available, if ever, I doubt I’ll be able to get my hands on any sort of software.


Have you tried having the HMD/controllers facing the Sensor/Camera before starting SteamVR?



The drift and or loss of proper orientation only seems to start once the controllers are subject to rapid movements. AKA Beats Saber or the like.


Is it the the tracking radius of the Sensor/Camera?

Do the controllers reorient themselves when taken out/back into view?


But sometimes very slowly.


Added pokes to support in your first post


This is an interesting thread… Can you please advise on your PC /Laptop Operating System and Piplay version you are using for these controllers and BS please?

Also, when you start steamvr, and open the display mirror, are you facing forward… I. E towards the BS or is it off to the side? Do you need to recenter your direction at that point!


Windows 10 64Bit
i7 7700k
ROG Strix GTX 1080Ti
OS Installed on NVMESSD


With regards to steamvr, this is where it gets a bit weird.

When I launch, I’m facing forward (the head-unit anyway), the controllers sometimes point to the side. When I recenter the controllers (hitting home button twice), everything aligns, but I’m no longer facing exactly forwards, usually offset to the left.

I then correct this with Advanced settings by editing the play area.

The alternative is running room setup, in which case I can get everything facing forwards, as long as I do not recenter the controllers. If the controller orientation goes off, and I need to recenter, everything will realign but I won’t be facing exactly forwards anymore.


Can you try this please?

open steamvr.
recenter the controllers 1st - the way your doing it. - then place them face forward on the ground
then open display mirror in steamvr.
click inside display mirror
Press Z key while facing the HMD forward
?have the controllers also stayed forward when doing this?

try playing a game and see if either controllers or hmd start drifting?


Yes, I have have the same too with my Nolo, recenter de controllers and the forward area shifts a bit. Not a huge problem per se since you turn anyways. Base station keeps it place and usually evens get positioned a bit more accurately. Overall, it seems that this controller solution isn’t really better than the Nolo. Nolo works with infra-red and sonic audio, not just with visible light.