Controller options and availability


I saw on the Kickstarter there were two designs for controllers with thumbsticks. One option had the buttons underneath the thumbsticks and the other to the side. Can you please release both controllers? The controller with the buttons underneath look uncomfortable to use.

The one I am talking about is this design :

Which design is final?


I think you may have misunderstood what these images are. They are of two different designs, one with a flat trackpad (left) and one with a stick (right), the buttons are on top in both designs, not underneath (both of the controllers pictured are right-hand units).


The forum wouldn’t let me post two images at once. What I meant was that there’s two different thumbstick designs. The one in this image is different from the earlier one I posted.

In this image ,the buttons are underneath the thing stick. In the first image, they’re to the side.


The controller in that second image isn’t what they are releasing. You’re looking at outdated images based on an older prototype.


I think I preferred that original wand-with-stick design, but I am sure the newer knuckles style form factor ones will be great a well.