Controllers for Pimax 4K


Hi Enthusiasts, the current controller for Pimax 4K has enough functions, but positional tracking cannot fully meet our expectations.

We are testing different motion controllers available now in the market to find a better tracking partner for 4K. The controller we tested today perform excellent in terms of positional tracking, but the number of buttons in the controller is less than the number we actually need in VR games.

Many of you have tried lots of controllers, if you have one or two favorite controllers in mind, please message William @DKruohuo, and we will test it with 4K asap!


Excellent news. If you can get proper 4K positional tracking to work I and lots of people will be very happy.
Of all the real motion controllers I have only tried the psmove, (which I do not recommend you copy) but for my leap motion custom setup I like the psnavi for size, comfort and layout. It is pretty similar (but better than) the psmove.

A good analog stick is important in my opinion. Ambidextrous controllers are probably preferable considering the price/convenience of manufacture. Please don’t make it too expensive. Nolo basically shot themselves in the foot by making it way too expensive, considering there are WMR headsets and controllers available for 200 dollars now.

So how does the new positional tracking system work? You’ve piqued my interest, this is the best news we have had in ages.


We do not make a new controller from scratch. Instead, we are looking for tracking systems that perform better than the current one. What we will do is to make 4K compatible with the new tracking system.


Ok, makes sense. So current motion controllers like Vive, Oculus, Nolo etc can work with this new tracking system?
If it works better than Nolo I think a lot of people here will get one.


That would be exactly the system we are looking for:

  1. great positional tracking (better than nolo)
  2. enough functions to fit into VR games
  3. compatible with major headsets

and we are still looking.

After we find one or multiple controllers that meet the criteria above, we will make sure Pimax 4K compatible with those controllers.


Why not upgrade the 4k headset with sensors and make it work with lighthouses 2.0? That way 4k users can buy the controllers and lighthouses for the 8k from you and use it with their 4k headset.


That makes a lot of sense. Or even getting it compatible with the original Vive 1.0 lighthouses and trackers, via the vive tracker or some some such HMD attachment (though the vive tracker is quite expensive).

I wonder if this is the new solution Xunshu is talking about:


The question is: Will I have to buy another Pimax4k and turn mine into paperweight? Or my HMD will be compatible?


In my opinion, it will be easier to adapt 8k controllers for 4k with additional sensors for positioning to a 4k headset?
And the software will not have to be affected either, since it will already work with
8k, respectively, and less time should be spent for revision.


That would be exactly the system we are looking for:

  1. great positional tracking (better than nolo)
  2. enough functions to fit into VR games
  3. compatible with major headsets

it exists and its name is Valve Lighthouse. A lot of Vive users would buy an upgraded old-style 110° Pimax 4K MKII as a drop-in replacement for half of the Vive Pro cost .


Why not use inside-out tracking module of 8K + 8k controller? So people can use the same device.

It is not only controller because you have to track the headset too.

I know other 2 controllers. (the site is down , try to check from youtube).

Not sure that they can work perfectly on 360 degress or not.

Qualcom snapdragon 945 VR and pico neo use the same technique , they use ultrasonic to track controller by emitters from the HMD.


Just know this, campaign since 2013 and still be in development!! So long time lol. Don’t have any infomation about 360 degree, but look interesting.
link here


Why buy a new 4K when you could have a Samsung Odyssey etc. And why should Pimax make one? Better to improve the 4K tracking system for people who don’t want a new headset. For those that do, the 5K etc are there at way lessthan the cost of a vive pro.


Resolution and SDE is far better on Pimax 4K than Odyssey, and if you allready own VIVE controllers and lighthouses traking is better than Microsoft one. If only Pimax 4K could improve this poor 60Hz refresh rate… Last but not least Pimax 4K could be cheaper than Samsung


Really? The SO resolution is 2,880 x 1,600. Of course the Pimax screen is higher resolution but it outputs at 2560 x 1440, right? I haven’t tried the SO to compare though.

I just think most people here already have a 4K and wouldn’t buy another for a few added features. Especially since those features could be added. It’d be a complete waste of the old 4K. I want my headset to last, not buy a new one every year.


Wait, are you saying that Pimax has a 360° /6DoF tracking system for the 4K but can’t decide on what controllers to support?


They should do both. Make a lighthouse tracking clip on for the original 4k to use lighthouse tracking. & create an improved 4k headset with native 4k.

But yeah complete the original & fix up the ghosting.


@denali said the pimax be was nicer than the SO. (But know he hated the godrays)


A lighthouse tracking clip would be great in my opinion, as it would permit literally THOUSANDS of both 4k and Vive users who already own Vive basestations and controllers to use or test the 4k…and why not…swap to the 8k/5k when it will be available.

Wonder if a mask type addon with reflective laser spots on it would work (tough I have no clue if the Vive headset sensors are just reflective or project beams their own…)

Makes room for new ideas in any case… :wink:


From my understanding the laser tracking are only recepters. Creating a clip would also give them a highly marketable product to use potenially 3rd party headsets. Ie Cardboard solutions, psvr on pc etc…

Benefit of this over the vive tracker is more tracking sensors then on the puck.