Could someone help



My headset cable was destroyed by a pet, I wasnt getting any help for over a month so i posted on here. I ended up receiving help and getting an order after posting here which was over 5 weeks ago. I am now back in the same situation noone replies to any emails whatsoever no matter where i email. My order number is P125177. I havent ever had such i nightmare communicating with a company ever and next time i will only buy from a reputable brand this is a joke.


@SweViver or @PimaxUSA might be able to help you .


We will look into this now. I’m together with the team.


Hi Pando. Im sorry for this, I must have missed your previous post here in the forums. The team will help you out now, but for next time, make sure to create a support ticket in the support tab. This will make things much faster than posting here in the forums, or even emailing :slight_smile:

And you can always DM me here, and I will do my best to speed it up with the team!