Cracks on Pimax headset



Each PIMAX headset will go through strict tests by QA team before shipped out. Within the industrial standard, any headset that survives a 1m drop test meets the industrial requirement , whereas PIMAX headsets are being tested with 1.5m dropping height.

During the investigation into the cases where a couple of backers received headsets with cracks, we have made every effort looking into the possible causes, and also have tested PIMAX headset with 1.8 dropping height( please refer to the drop test video below),

and reliability test with hand cream, perfume, liquor,cleaning detergent, sweat etc…

As the resulting report shows, with all the tests, we were not able to reproduce the damages to PIMAX headsets as the backers reported. But we have found most of cracked headsets come from 2018/week 46&47, we will continue to look into this batch of plastic housing and find out the root cause of cracks.

PIMAX warranty covers cracking cases, excluding those caused by man-made factors or natural forces, by replacement with new HMDs.

Pimax appreciates your feedbacks and support. Thank you.


It’s good to know that the replacements for cracked headsets that have not been dropped are good and strong.

Have these drop tested headsets been tested? It’s one thing saying the casing is not cracked, but do the internals still work properly?



please do these tests with the cable and headstrap attached. the mass of these parts does matter a lot in a falling test.


Small head will cause more torque to the headset.
Can’t elaborate on what I mean exactly :woozy_face::beers:


Think I get what you mean and is a good point.
The angel of the straps with a small head put at a tighter angel and torque onto the head set.


Thanks mate, couldnt find the right words. :smiley:


I struggle and had more than one attempt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok yeah, though the plastic and/or the design is obviously not strong enough.


:thinking: So the QA team dropped our headsets, loosened the audio jacks & put those cracks on them before shipping them to us?
Im joking btw.
I’m sure you aren’t drop testing every hmd before boxing them up.
I hope…


Well, some of the units had loose parts inside so… :smile:


Wait! That 5k plus isn’t ready to go yet.
Ok now it’s good to go.


what happen? I have supen open from day 22 by cracks in the headset and I did not obve answer yet

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