Creating a Pimax-DAS Adapter



Hmm, on the subject of better straps. I think I am going to modify rEvolve design (, and use it for my Pimax, although it might be a while (backer in the lower 5ks). Should be rather easy actually, I just need to just modify the part that connects to the headset.


I personally didnt really like the rEvolve, too much pressure on the forehead and adds way too much weight. (could actually be made much lighter)
in general this should be doable. Hopefully my measurements and guestimates are correct, so that the top mounting point “simulation” i made doesnt need more changes. Since I have a DAS already, I find it easier just to reuse it, especially since the headphones are already on it.

But will release that as when i put out the models so you can already start thinking of how to make the mod :slight_smile:

In general though reusing any existing design is always a good idea,


Looking forward to this going up on thingiverse…I have a 3d printer and DAS and pimax 5K+ coming eventually!


I also have rEvolve , let me know about your progress with reversed engineering :slight_smile:


Any plans to sell this adapter?


Will be providing the design for others to print for free, but might consider a service of printing these, in limited quantities though, its just a matter of legality though since I am sure there are some patents involved with the DAS connectors and stuff like that :smiley:


How about donations ? You are working on something that a lot of us would appreciate.
Pimax’s own audio strap (whenever it comes) may end up being inferior to DAS…


Doesn’t Etsy bypass that?


If I can print it properly with ABS (and I think I will, LOT of experience of ABS printing), I will send those DAS adapters for the forum users (edit. in need), with @Menithal s permission of course.


As said earlier, once done, I will be providing the model as CC A NC SA License. Although I am still thinking specifically about the NC part, since I dont want people selling the stuff on ebay or stuff like that, reserving it to what I would do, but I would like people to order it from who ever is the closest printer as well.

3D Printing services should recieve an exception, so that printers can print the model as a service; but not as a product. So as long as the client understands that this is a model that they can also get from thingiverse, and correctly attributed to the correct source. There just doesnt seem to be a good license for that :<

Anycase Status:

I am having some extruder issues though with this batch of filament, but Ill try to get it nailed down, meanwhile I got the first prototypes out of the bed

I got the top mount system working, but it needs some refinement to make it easier to put on and to remove, Tested it with upto about 15 kg,

it held up even if it is such a tiny piece. unfortunately, I seemed to have accidentally inversed the outline, so the internal size of the loop is too small for the DAS loop, so going to be doing some tweaks.

However this means the assembly will hold quite tightly, and is the correct direction once I get the simulator nailed down.

Now need to adjust some values.


WIP Thingiverse Release!


Looking good! Now we just need you to get your Pimax so that you can fine tune it!


What’s going on with this project? Any progress being made/has anyone actually tested this with a Pimax headset yet?


VELCRO Brand - Industrial Strength | Indoor & Outdoor Use | Superior Holding Power on Smooth Surfaces | Size 4ft x 2in | Tape, Black - Pack of 1

My plan for das because I don’t own a 3d printer


It costs like less than $10 to have something like this 3D printed and shipped to you, total. Depending on where you live, you might even find someone locally on Thingiverse that you can pick it up from same day.


Does anyone have their pimax already? I have a 3d printer and can send you some printed in PETG or PLA who thinks they can revise it or at least suggest how it needs to be adjusted, just pay for the mail (usps first class should be fine).


I have not yet received my pimax but I got the choice a week back.

Still waiting though, their projections say I should have mine by Early December.


@michaelnyden I have Pimax, Vive DAS, and I’d love to pay for the mail through paypal, but I am in Shanghai. Could you send it to China?


I will print the parts tonight. Sending it to China might be more expensive though. Are you comfortable being able to measure and offer suggestions/modifications to the original creator of these parts/model?


@michaelnyden , that’s truly kind of you. I would definitely report my experience of the printed adapter and make suggestion for improvement. Just I am not sure how accurately I can measure and describe it with its quite complicated surfaces and structures.