Creating a Pimax-DAS Adapter



I thought thingverse only had 3d print files, I didn’t realize that people print it for you and sell it. Is that correct?


Yep, that is correct :+1:


The only problem with making an adapter like this is it won’t be tight enough unless you have a big head. I had to break off part of the plastic tabs on the DAS to get it close enough for a good fit.

Vive DAS on Pimax?!?

Has anyone tested this yet? I have the 5k+ and would love a better strap.


How are your DIY skills?


I guess you did not read my post.

I dont want to glue or tape velcro onto the DAS, like shown with the “Frankenpimax” method that was show by @mixedrealityTV. Instead I like to make a more utiliterian solution which you can swap the same headgear between headsets, without having to mess around with cables much.


Tell Mike Jeffries. He needs one


Do you have a large head? Otherwise, as I said above, it’s not going to be tight enough putting that adapter on.


Yes, I also have a small headed sister I can test this on… Once I get everything that is…

The idea though is to not damage anything, so more testing is required.


I’m saying I already tried it and it doesn’t work, even on me, an average sized male. I had to break the ends of the vive audio strap off to get it close enough to be tight.


Hmm that sounds extreme. So basically what you are saying its not going close enough, something I will experiment on, since I demo my VR units.

The Idea though is to remove the existing plastic parts from the metal rods. When you do it t hat way, it should get close enough.

Alternatively I can modify the mounting parts around so that it does fit.


Yeah maybe if you made the piece that the DAS connects to extend beyond where it clips to the pimax, that might work


Thanks for that note, Ill look into the design again and make a refinement


Test printing with ABS now, let’s see how it turns out.

Edit. Yeah, nice design, easy to print. A preview print took about an hour and ten minutes. @Menithal you can merge the halves of the knobs, they can be printed upside very easily (though they would be more robust if printed horizontally)
Edit 2. I’m not sure of how that adapter is supposed to be attached, but the clip can be edited to make it push-click to secure / push-pull to release?


Finally got my pimax a few hours ago, so I will be addressing a few feedback Ive received from a few threads

  • The Hinges too long, even if shortened to DAS Extremes:
  • The Hinges are have a bit too tight tolerance tight for the rods.

Solution: Use the existing hinges that come with the pimax to move the mount point forward around the rods instead. This also lessens the hassle of dismounting the ones that come with the pimax already (plus I am lazy to dettach them after I noticed they are on it.

  • The Top Adapter causing the head set to be pulled up causing more light to be shining below, if the strap point is put towards the head. This seems to be a consistant issue between DrCubes and my Buckle adapters.

Solution move the buckle to top instead.

Now I know @DrCube also has a design, i really like the buckle stuff, but alternatives should be explored further.


Thank you for your efforts. I have a 3D printer at home and will try your design when home.

For now I use the Velcro method and it works for me.

The top hinge imho is not needed. Just scissor 2mm left and right of the top velcro of the DAS off to pull it through the pimax-top-opening easily.

To make it fit small heads the round connection part must be as far to the front of the headset as possible.


Repeating my self, I want to make it as non-destructive to the original DAS as possible. which is why i am not a fan of the Velcro one either due to glue.


No glue and not really destructive. Use your hinges for the sides but on top just pull the DAS Velcro through.


Cutting the DAS top strap is destructive to get it to fit into the Pimax Hole. Adding velcro to the side of teh DAS is gluing stuff onto the DAS.

Same thing with removing and modifying the buckle from the Vive or cutting up the pimax headgear to get a velcro strap to use.

Alternatively you can use an external strap similar to the DAS, but using ones own strap, but in general, I am trying to make it into a print that you can use as a replacement. I am not stopping you from doing so, Im designing this as something one can use as an alternative from gluing or cutting things up

Basically what I want to do is to keep the DAS as something you can return for warranty, if you forexample buy a brand new DAS from HTC for the Pimax. If you start cutting things up or gluing things on it, you void the warranty for it as its provable as not as its intended purpose. thats 90 bucks down the drain if you happen to have a speaker failure sometime during its use during warranty.


Got you. I did cut only the topmost 2mm of the Velcro so i am pretty certain that nobody would see it. But of course, if you want to be on the safe side, then it is better not to alter it.

I am pretty sure you can fiddle the top Velcro trough without cutting, just bending the sides a little to get it through.

Peace :v: