Cross eyed after use


Quite a bit unfortunately with my Homido lenses as in the pic above. I think pimax FoV normally is about 90 degrees, with those lenses it gets down to about 65 degrees. However I think I’m going to use it like this for a while, it feels much better on the eyes, I feel less disoriented after using it and in general I have a clearer image.

So this definitely is caused by the lack of hardware IPD. I really hope pimax uses hardware IPD for their Pimax 8k @xunshu


BTW the best solution for the 4k would probably to use a 3d printer to print a new lense holder, then you could use the pimax lenses but just have them adjusted to your real IPD. Just like @Heliosurge suggested.

I don’t have a 3d printer though and I have no idea how complicated this would be. You’d probably need a 3d scanner to make a scan of the current lense holder first.

I’m just hoping that pimax has adjustable hardware IPD in their 8k, then I’m going to sell my Pimax 4k and never look back :slight_smile:


I played 4 hours and did not feel this visual discomfort. I think I’m lucky.


That amazes me. As you’re using IPD 55 and the Pimax lenses have hardware IPD about 63, then your eyes must look cross-eyed into the lenses. I’m not sure how anyone can do that for 4 hours without any discomfort. So I don’t have any explanation here …


I use Virtual Desktop to play my old SBS 3D games. Have you tried using IPD55?
I also watch 360º and SBS movies and several VR games with keyboard and mouse.

Another weird thing: Several users report sharp image in the middle and blurred around. Here the image is crystal clear in its entirety. But I use Pimax with glasses for myopia.

And, no, I do not keep my eyes crossed, I look forward. zero discomfort!.:wink:


Which homido version? I have a version 1 I am not using anymore.


Yes I have glasses too (rectangle shaped unfortunately so only that area is in focus) and it’s the glasses that make the edges sharp again. When I take them off the center is fine (and even sharper because I’m near sighted) but the edges are increasingly blurred.
I’m going to try contact lenses soon just to see if that makes a more immersive field of view in sharpness


Hi guys, I have sent a email CC to our hardware and software engineers and will reply you at this post later.


It would be nice if there was an opportunity to buy lenses separately. Ordinary and fernel…


Why would you want fresnel ? The Deepoon E3 has it and I only see disadvantages because of the god rays


That people could choose what they like best.


I’m just wondering why anyone would prefer a fresnel, maybe I’m missing an advantage ?


To whom the rays are not an obstacle, but the cuttings along the edges are much more furious


The Rift is an extremely comfortable headset for your eyes. It has a huge sweet spot but ofcorse god rays. There needs to be a complely new solution for lenses. Hopefully Kopin has some ideas


It’s just because of the weight of the lens.

After much experience, I do not like Fresnel lenses as much as I did before.
OLED display + Fresnel lens: I hate it.
But other combinations are okay.


How do you find the wearability sky lens system?


I remember that this lens was better than I thought, and for the sake of accurate information, I am now taking out the wearality sky that was being disassembled and reassembling it, testing it again.
I’ll let you know soon.


Wearality sky test results

When it is a black background, godrays appear prominently in white letters.


@Pimel @sjefdeklerk
Hi guys, please tell me more details as below which will be better for our further testing, since we had tested this current solution of IPD and it should not have a big difference. Thanks in advance.

Previous Piplay:
IPD number used:
Real IPD:
Eyesight situation:
Wear glasses or not:

Current Piplay: 1.2.95
IPD number used:
Wear glasses or not:

How much smaller? I’m going to play Batman again and see what happens to my eyes.

@Pimel Hi, what happened afterwards :slight_smile:


Previous Piplay: 1.1.92
IPD number used: 55
Real IPD: 66
Eyesight situation: myopia (-2.25)
Wear glasses or not: Yes
GPU: 2xRadeon 7970

Current Piplay: 1.2.95
IPD number used: 55
Wear glasses or not: Yes
GPU: GTX 1080ti

I haven’t found the time to play the Batman game for more than 30 minutes yet unfortunately