Crowdfunding is not a purchase?!



Interesting I wonder if the backers of Fez 2 will go after the dev.


I would say that most things about it is still up in the air. This one is a special case, and seems to rely on technicalities that probably soon will change on Indiegogo.

From the hackaday article:

…Morton’s order, a document the judge pointed out as saying ‘this order’ and not ‘this pledge’.
Additionally, the judge found the fine print on Indiegogo does not
negate a contract of sale; there was still an implied agreement between
Morton and Retro Computers, and Retro Computers had breached the
contract by not delivering a Spectrum.
It should go without saying that this finding does not apply to every
project on Indiegogo, it does not apply to Kickstarter, and nor does it
apply to every crowdfunding campaign…

On top of that this was tried in UK against a UK company. It seems like a lot of people nowadays seems to think that their local law applies to a company that doesn’t even have a entity in their country.

But yeah, I hope that everything becomes clearer over the coming years in all things crowdfundings