Curious about NOLO CV1 before buying (questions in message)


So, I’m curious about this NOLO Motion Tracking Kit before I’m going to buy it, so I need to know some certain things.
Here’s my questions below;

  1. We know all that the Pimax 4K has 360-degree feature to be able working on, as much I have Pimax 4K for my own
    but with the NOLO base station you’re in 180-degree AREA, so can you turn around in that area at all, if the headset is already able to do so?

  2. Does NOLO base-station + headtracking device need SteamVR “Room scaling” calibration?
    (as far the official instruction doesn’t guide you to do that in

  3. Is the “Base Station” of NOLO CV1 installed with integrated battery or with the “cell batteries”? (or finger batteries or “Not rechargeable battery”… or however you want to spell it)

  4. Same question with the NOLO controllers as above

That’s pretty much it.
The rest of the installation I already know only if I get confirmation answers for my questions before I go and buy NOLO :smiley:


General Recommendation on Nolo has been a Nogo.

However I don’t have one so will add some pokes of those whom I do believe have one.

@sjefdeklerk @cmm @jonnypanic (I think cmm & jonny have nolo but not sure)

@SweViver (Being a VR review Guru may have insights)

Try a search for Nolo that should help to identify others.

EDiT @industria @CryCoh these gents do 4 sure have it


Unfortunately I have no experience at all with Nolo, at least not yet :slight_smile:


I don’t have nolo, I use a leap motion and driver4vr.


My bad. Did a search & found industria & crycoh. Know Sj has one but don’t know if he’s given it another shot or not.

  1. Nolo still can’t solve the ultrasonic reflection problem, sometime the controller will stop or have revert movement.

  2. It can’t do 360 perfectly, you have to have the high ceilling, if you found reflection wave from the first issue, may your HMD is not have the stable position.

These are main problem of nolo.

I hope they will change technology on next version, but it look they are focusing on mobile app right now.


The Nolo gives you front-facing 6DoF (Non-Ceiling Mounted) & 360 degrees 6DoF when Ceiling Mounted.

Room scale is not needed but you would be limited to front-facing experiences & teleportation options within experience.

No idea about batteries but the bastestation/controllers are rechargeable using included micro-usb cables/power adapter.

A USB port from PC or even an portable battery charger works as well.


Thank you people for answers :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


Nolo tracking is not that good, actually. But their ads are pretty nice, they know that Chinese has less passion about VR than us, so they mainly focus on our market


So I have calculated now this scenario behind NOLO CV1… :smiley:
And the conclusion of the ending, I would say same as Heliosurge and that is “No-Go” product :writing_hand:


Truth i wanted ti back it when could get it for $99 but at the time funds were not available.

There are some good discussions about Driver4vr using Psmove with pingpong ball and/or kinect.


Nolo just update some news.

On April 2, 2018, NOLO and Media Kobo Inc. announced agreement to strive in local content development and expand consumer market in Japan, based on NOLO products – NOLO HOME and NOLO CV1.

Japanese anime, film and television contents have been world-renowned with impressive market share. Media Kobo Inc. is widely influential and has great capability to output works in Japanese industry. We collaborate with Media Kobo Inc. for localized content development to be applied in Japan and other countries, delivering quality contents to NOLO HOME, expanding NOLO CV1 market and bringing worldwide consumers more intriguing VR experience.


what do you make of it?


Good for me. At least it will be if the price drops. Just means they are selling in Japan. Amazon has a listing from May 23rd.

Thing is though, whywould you bother when you can get a WMR bundle for thesame price.