Customs duties in Europe?



I read some similar posts, but there was no real answer to this.

FAQ appears to be a bit outdated? I see the 5k+ headset is in stock, so I understand it’s not a preorder anymore? The FAQ says:

“The current pre-order price does not include any customs duties. Our transportation partners will help you to cope with the custom duties. You don’t need to worry too much on it.”

So basically I understand this as, there are duties to pay when shipping to Europe, but don’t worry. I am worried. How much could it be, and what exactly does “partners will help you to cope” mean? Will I receive additional bill half the price of the goggles and they will pat me on the back and say it’s ok, or will I actually avoid those expenses?

Feels like a pretty important aspect that is ignored. Or maybe I just suck at finding information. Anyway, people resell those goggles at almost double the price in my country, so I wonder how much they ended up paying for them after including duties and VAT. Going from 700$ to 1000$ is a deal breaker to be honest.



Depends on where in europe.
In Sweden you have to pay 25% tax + custom fee (10-20 $).
This additional cost you have to pay on a separate bill to the shipping company after the product has arrived.


Im in Sweden and did not have to pay tax+customs fee on my Kickstarter Pimax because was sent from the European warehouse.


Same here, but pre-order and from Denmark. As it was sent from within EU (UK) I didn’t have to pay any “extras”.