Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2nd Generation



What do u think the material he is sliding on is made of , in this 2nd video?


First time i eat about this one, but this is old design.
Do you know this one ? no need to keep your arms in air …


I do have tbe katvr mini but i am not completely pleased about it

This is my experience and what gives me problems to be not yet pleased about it

  1. i can only play vr games . It does not support non native vr games . No wasd support yet

  2. the vr games i can play are only the ones that are on their kat i/o library

  3. i can not add my own games in kat i/o by browsing the games i have on my hard disks. Kat i/o automatically searchers for your games only in the folder of steamvr

  4. there is always that linitation off all the vr treadmills where you lose the feeling of room scale but u gain the possibility of feeling like running in games

  5. only 2 psvr games are aupported so far. I tested re7 of psvr and works fine on katvr though i wanted to add my gloves to use gloves in 1 hand for doing certain interactions in games but unfortuantely both my captoglove and katvr can not connect at the same time to the psvr. I tested it but 1 input override the other

This is why i have been looking into coming up with my own diy game locomotion system that works for any non native vr pc games and for any console game and i kind of came up with a working idea that gives me the possibilty to run in place , walk in place and walk in my play area. No locomotion system is perfect . You get somethig, but you lose somethig else. The best would unlimited outdoor space to move wherever you want , however you want