Cybershoes for locomotion

i got a barstool from ikea, you can see it in the post i made earlier, are you using a normal chair?

also did you get the gaslift? i dont know why they sent that to me.

I didnt ask for it and it cost me $50 Cad in duties. :rage:

(Edit) Lack of strafing is an issue , only because games are programmed assuming you have this ability.

i wonder if they could make it so leaning to the left could strafe

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Yes. I have got too the gaslift.
I agree with you. I wish the strafing would be somehow added


Tried no mans sky with it last night, and No “Scooby Doo Legs”. It actually controls really well the walking speed is nearly instant. Only problem is it wants to walk in the direction you point the controller

This might not be helpful/interesting unless you are the hackery type of guy, just throwing an idea out there.

What about putting optical mouse sensors on the bottoms of shoes?
A special driver or program could be written to capture the inputs and translate them into vr movement.

That way you would get forward, back and side to side motion.

@ziddan I use my own diy shoes for locomotion.
With my shoes i can walk and run in place or walk accross my room , to move foreward. Then i have pressure sensors to move sideways and backwards, standing in 1 location, but i can still move around in room scale if i want.

The problem of the idea you mentioned (and mine too) , is that you have to be able to inject the sensors into steamvr with a steamvr driver or be able to unlock the key binding of mouse /keyboard or else to any button of our vr controllers.

Unfortunately , no vr developer have worked on fixing the openvr input emulator after 1 old steamvr update from valve that screwed the openvr input emulator key binding.

So your idea is not possible for games that only support vr controller and not keysteokes or gamepad, unless you get someone have your sensors of preference work in steamvr

Ia have the same problem with my diy shoes. It os game specific problem , for those games where the direction of the locomotion is dictated by the vr controller’s orientation. If i am not mistaken, nalo with vive trackers use , have a way to solve that problem. I am not 100% sure because i do not use the vive trqckers and nalo much, since then i have the issue that there is no backward and no sideeay movements.

I am experimenting with an arduino and an accelerometer/giroscope , to see if i could mechanically control the joystick of a vr controller , controlling the potentiometer of the joystick

I have ordered a cheap ps3 controller , thanks to the suggestion of @Heliosurge :slight_smile: , that should work with driver4vr

and i will try to mechanically control it with the accelerometer.

Maybe there will be delay ?

Maybe it is not going to work?

Curious to try. This is 1 idea to try , maybe ?


your right, after trying the cybershoes , the concept works but I can’t help but feel a simpler option must be available that would be lighter and might not even require the shoes.

Im sure AMSTUDIO (youtuber) could rig something up in seconds with duct tape and $30 bucks of materials.

Work in progress…

Next step is doing the same for the X axe (right and left movement of the joystick).

Then this hacked controller could work even in vr/steamvr using this method

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Pressure sensors for lateral movements or backwards movements

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Work in progress for lateral movements with pressure sensors.

Soft pressure = slow sideways movements

Hard pressure = fast sideway movements

No delays compared to pressimg keystrokes

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good work so far, what game are you using for testing?

That is “blair witch” but the goal is to hack also a vr controller 's joystick.