Dark bar on right eye?


Yay, just received my 4K HMD today and guess what? It seems to be faulty. =(

At first everything seemed to work -relatively- fine, "just coudln´t use video mode because in video mode the whole picture was vertical and looked pretty strange (rotated by 90° I guess).

So I switched back to pimax mode (had to drag the open piplay onto my actual desktop screen…

After just like 5 minutes, while configuring Steam VR, (probably after taking the hmd on and off my head) I noticed a black bar on the right eye/lens.
It seems to vary on the actual picture though.
In some ocasions it seems that this vertical bar ist suddenly just a much brighter (backlighted) area of the screen, then again it appears to be just a dark strip.

Any chance to troubleshoot this without waiting another milennia for it to arrive from Asia?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

About product warranty

Hi ShmaZen, review this post and check if you have the same problem.


If that´s the shutter glas in action (in the partially brighter area) then the difference without those glases would be immense!
I´ve read that thread before and I guess mine looks the same.

Would actually love to remove these parts, I´m actually a practicising IT tech with smartphones, tablets, etc. but I know that I will have dust particles (at least “some”) in there PLUS I´ll void my warranty.

Anyways, let´s wait for support, I´m pretty sure I´ll have to contact the seller via ebay then (“superglobalcentre” if anyone is familiar with them), but it was worth a try. =)


So there seems to be no support via pimax, or any other person, in this forum, which is as disappointing as (obviously) the whole build quality of this hmd.

Seriously, I can understand when single units are failing, but when you can read about people that even got their second or third replacement unit failing, then I just have to say “wow”, the quality of this things seem to be as bad as I feared.

If that´s the standard for the upcoming hmd´s from this company (which I -were- very interested in buying in the close future) then I don´t give them long until they get bancrupt. (More shipped units = even higher rma rate)

Anyways, even if this thing would´ve been functional for more than 3 or 4 minutes, I probably would`ve thought about returning or selling it, can´t hold a candle to a rift imho.


I recommend adding the @PIMAX-Support tag to draw attention to your message and not just write to users.


Yep always add @PIMAX-Support the @user name will send the user a direct notification. I only just noticed this thread by chance.

Please post your system specs, gpu driver version, piplay version. First 3 numbers of your serial number. & headset firmware.

While this appears to be hardware issue with the headset. Its always good to share your config as users who share similar setup may have solution depending on issue.

Now that being said coming into the weekend may need to wait a couple of days for a response.


Hi, sorry for inconvenience.

Please take a photo about this issue to support@pimaxvr.com directly, it will be better for our further estimate, thanks.

By the way, have you tried to flash a firmware into the headset?
Firmware update tool: [Release]Pimax 4K firmware


Thanks guys.

So (very) obviously I was not right and one will get plenty support once his issue has been spotted. (Sorry for beeing so grumpy that day.)

I will try to find some time later this week to make some photos + will figure out which firmware is on it actually.

If it´s really a firmware related issue (which would be awesome actually) I will post it of course for any other people with the same issue.


So here it is.

Unfortunately there already is the newest firmware on this device.

The manual firmware upgrade didn`t work at all, because several .dll files are missing. But I guess reflashing the same firmware shouldn´t do anything. (?)

Anyways, I´ve tried a lap or two with PCARS 2 this afternoon and was instantly experiencing very poor sharpness. It´s even worse than with a Rift?
Everything was super blurry and I couldn`t see far at all?

Is this also a hardware related issue, or is -this- the kind of quality you can expect from this hmd?


Have you tried setting up ipd? If not this can be a cause of a blurry image.

If you hsve ipd set try closing 1 eye & see how the quality looks.

Pcars2 is quite demanding & will likely require tweaking settings depending on your video card.

Also try Unity Chan in PiHome. Its a demo that shows how good the headset can be. Press spacebar & you get treated with on screen specs.

Lastly if you can please post the following (sorry if you already did)
Windows ver
Gpu/ driver version
Piplay version

With the headset functioning firmwares is less likely to be the issue as a failed update usually makes thr headset not function (ie connect)


Thanks for your reply!

I´ve tried several IPD settings yesterday but no one had a significant impact.

Strangely it appears the outer boarders of the lenses seem to be sharper. (?)

Also I don´t wear glasses and my eyesight is pretty good (so far ^^).

My System Specs:

Windows 10 Pro 1703
R5 1600 @ 3,95 GHz.
16GB DDR4 @ 2933 MHz.
GeForce GTX 1080 @ ~2GHz. | V. 385.69

Best Regards


Same here : Bright vertical stripes



Hi, yeah I´ve seen your post as well.

What did you do? I guess after about one year you have no warranty left?

Could it be that this issue appeared quickly after installing the newest version of piplay? (Which was released in the beginning of September)



no, my “mystery” is about 6 or 7 weeks. Now i am in vacation.

When I be back, i remove the shutter foil because I live in germany and an warranty fails about the costs of transport.

Thats my plan.

Second, i have backed the pimax 8K so in January I have an new (and hope) better one.



Dann hätten wir auch direkt auf Deutsch schreiben können. ^^

Halte mich mal bitte auf dem Laufenden wenn du die Gläser entfernt hast, das Resultat würde mich echt interessieren.

Meine größte Befürchtung ist halt, dass du anschließend halt Staubpartikel zwischen den Linsen und dem Display haben kannst.

Ansonsten beunruhigt mich bei meinem Modell aber auch diese Unschärfe die ich beschrieben habe. Ich bekomme das Teil einfach nicht scharf gestellt, das nervt fast noch mehr als dieser Balken… Wenn die Linsen wirklich ein Problem haben und ich das Teil auseinander nehme, dann hab ich ja direkt voll verschissen. ^^

Angenehmen Urlaub noch



@ShmaZen @thx-ii Thanks @Heliosurge

Hi guys, sorry for inconvenience. I suggest that you’d better contact the vendors and request a repair / return directly. Since it will not only break the warranty, but also may cause other new issues, please be advised.

Don’t forget to send me email: support@pimaxvr.com if you have a problem for contacting the vendors.