DCS. Primax 4K vs HTC Vive


I’d like to hear opinions on visual quality of the 4K vs HTC Vive

I’m currently enjoying the hive but would love to have higher image quality.

I’d be willing to sacrifice 6dof for higher quality image.

Is there a significant gain in image quality using primax 4K?

Has anyone had experience with both?


If you are okay with smearing/ghosting then go with the 4k.
I have both (vive and 4k, and many other headsets) and removed the shutter glasses from my 4k because of ghosting immediately. Now i have a great picture if i do not move my head but as soon as i look around i would like to use the vive again ;).

If you use virtual desktop or watch movies, 4k is great! Anything with lots of headmovements like games: stick with the vive or buy the 5k+ or 8k.


Thank you! A very detailed answer that i was looking for.


I just got a Vive, for use controllers once I have the 8k.
Iam used to the 4k.
And the tracking of the Vive is absolutely amazing, just like the SDE that I cant call this SDE its so much more than that lol…its more like “GreatWallOfChina Door Effect”.
Cant wait to get the same tracking as the Vive and the same sde of the 4k with the 8k.

For seated experiences, 4k is the best, despite of the ghosting. I didnt even try to launch DCS or anything that need reading.
Actually Iam having lots of fun with BeatSaber ^^ tracking cant compare to the PSmoveService


Are you saying that vive has worse sde than 4K?

I’ve ordered my 4K yesterday from aliexpress. Very curious to see the comparison.


This should give you idea about SDE:

IMHO Pimax is the only usable headset for flight sims between these 3.


Compared to the 4k, the Vive as terrible SDE yes.
Its just actually heavy.
But tracking is wonderful, absolutly.

Right :slight_smile:


And tbh in dcs I don’t think head tracking is necessary if resolution is hi enough.
With trackir and monitor resolution I find I sit still and only move my head.