Deactivating Pimax 4K? (without having PiPlay installed)



Hi all,

following scenario:
2x Windows 10 with dual-boot
2 Displays connected
Pimax 4K connected


  • Pimax 4K and Windows is working as intended on the system with PiPlay installed.
  • The other system does not have PiPlay installed and shows some strange behaviour: If I choose “show only on x” (Win + P), it still extends one display. Deactivating the “PnP-Monitor” (corresponding to the Pimax 4K) doest not help.

Any ideas how to completely deactivate Pimax 4K / make it invisible for Windows so it does not interfere with my other 2 displays? If I unplug the USB cable of the Pimax 4K, everything is working as intended, but I really don’t want to switch cables everytime I switch the system.


If I understand correctly you have 2 computer dual booting 2 versions of W10 installs. 1 with Piplay & 1 without.

It’s been awhile since I have used the Pimax 4k. If mem serves if The headset was in Pimax mode in theory it shouldn’t show up if you boot into the W10 that doesn’t have Piplay installed.

It should only show as a display to windows in Video mode.

If not might only be able to use Hmd pwr off button or some kind of usb with an on/off switch.