Dead Secret or Dead Secret Circle game for first time


Has anyone played Dead Secret or Dead Secret Circle. They are $15 each on Steam or both for $25. I hear the first one, Dead Secret, is good but wondering if I should buy both or just start with the first one. Any suggestions? Thanks!


I do not want to sound rude, but what the hell is this doing in “Reviews”.

That beeing said, I was not a big fan (of the first part, did not bother to get the second one), but it got good reviews so other people seem to like it. Just get the deal you want and refund if you do not like it. There will however be better deals on this for sure. 25 for both is not a great deal imho.


I bought dead secret a while ago. Didn’t like it at all, mostly for the bad graphics. Not sure why it’s getting such good reviews, but then again, I guess it’s easy to cheat with reviews.


Yep I guess I should have posted in VR content. Thanks for the reply


Cool, Ill wait for it to go on sale. Thanks man!