Dear Pimax, will headsets be delivered during Chinese New Year?



@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA - just a simple question… We know you’ve shipped the vast majority of backer headsets to the warehouses.

Will these headsets be delivered to the backers while you are away for Chinese New Year? Or does the process require input from Pimax before they leave the warehouse?


UK backers lies
[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?
[Pictures]The PiMax products are ready to send 14th Feb 2019

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@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA - please can you answer the question? Thanks


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@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA - please can you answer the question? Thanks


@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA - any chance of you answering this one question before you finish?


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Be careful mate, your headset will end up on the Moon with mine…


At least you know where yours is mate :slight_smile:


bro, no activity during Chinese new years. it’s a 10 or 15 days break for them.


I actually think they will answer but will be a blurry no.


Option 3? We already answered the question.

“For most deliveries all the information is in there so deliveries that are in the pipeline should continue even during the holiday.”

[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?

@PimaxUSA - I’m talking about delivery from warehouse to customer, not shipping out of China.


It would be nice to know (as a UK backer) that, should the next delivery of HMD’s to the UK warehouse arrives soon, that these can be forwarded on to us backers during CNY and that Pimax don’t need to be involved at this last step of the process. Let’s hope so - @PimaxUSA can you confirm?

I also hope enough of them reach UK warehouse to make up for the replacement ones sent out to faulty EU units in place of fulfilling more backers.


So" most" but not all 5K+ backer units will clear China.
Could you elaborate on what “should continue” means please?


He was refering to units being forwarded from the warehouses.

Specifically answering:

At which speed and how long a shipment could be held up is of course out of scope of the question.


It means he can’t commit to crystal-ball all the unknown/ known variables, and unpredictable delivery fog and friction /s


I found the word “should” instead of “will” to be curious, is all.

Not expecting hard facts on delivery, although a new spreadsheet would be fun. Until they get tracking #s to us before actual delivery arrives at our door, the best guess is sooner or later.