December 3 2019 Discussion

That’s great news!!! Well done pimax team!!
Onward and up wards !!!
Little updates like this are great ,please keep it up!


I go by named confirmed sourcres. The Tested review was a legitimate Source as it was an interview with a known high level pimax representative.

Journalists often state unamed sources as sources of info.

Now please return to being On Topic. This is to discuss the update. Not to rehash old issues.


Thank you Kevin for the update it’s nice to hear some positive 8KX news. :0)


This seems to be the issue that a nice chunk of us are running into. I made a post a bit earlier and @Heliosurge tagged @Matthew.Xu on it. We had tagged Matthew on previous posts in other threads and haven’t received a response. I understand things are busy, but plenty of newer posts than those have been responded to. It really seems like Pimax is making more work for themselves than needed. They state they have a huge backlog of tickets, but with responses like you received, they are not closing issues as it will stay open when you have to respond and wait a few more weeks for a response. They need to set resources aside that can understand questions that will not necessitate a cut-and-paste reply, else these tickets will continue to pile up, and dedicated Pimax consumers continue to get more frustrated.


Thank you Matthew for your reply but I will keep the order since it looks like it will ship at the end of Dec.

I just bought a Samsung Odyssey+ to keep the kids busy. I got two kids so they will have to fight for the Pimax when the controllers and base stations arrive.


Same here, I had to get a Valve index while waiting on my 8KX… Yes my squad friends are laughing, and there’s nothing I can say that will make them purchase a Pimax in the future

Now I just hope my 8KX will eventually turn up… :confused:


I am dancing “come here baby”

This topic being old or new is irrelevant as the main issue is trust, delays, and frustrations caused by Pimax. There should only be a 8k and an 8kX! So many promises gotten broken by Pimax! Remaining trust is almost depleted! For instance, I believe no one can even say they believe sense controllers will be for sure be ready in 2020! But many can suggest they don’t expect seen them even in 2021.

Your post does not seem to be on topic. This is a topic on the update.

Do you by chance think there should only be the 5k+ & no 5kXR?

Now please stay on topic.

Btw - I think pimax controllers can be out in 2020.

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Don‘t wanna spread bad vibes but I really hate to see that EVERYTHING gets delayed AGAIN and they make people remember that the upgrade paths are ending soon at the same time. See the irony here?

With that little first hand experiences close to expiration date of the upgrade „offer“ + no discount I think it‘s a stupid move to force the only small way for backers to save (redistribute) a couple of bucks to buy something that nobody knows. Especially when having earned the reputation of a not really reliable company already.

The delays…I get…but making people to go hush hush on the „offer“ is disgusting IMHO

Please recheck 1st post. They are discussing extending deadline.

Op post has questions & some answers.


much is „being discussed“ at Pimax.
as long it‘s not official it‘s not existing.
Even stuff that seemed very official turned out to be un-official-lized, whether by playing the cultural difference card, statements from single „officials“, plain ignoring or remodeling other „truths“
So forgive me when I take noone‘s word for it until it‘s…official :slight_smile:


The op post is official Answers. But I do understand skeptism. The post I mention also has a link to original post.


I asked support to use my 10m cable for the CK and they said yes but ignored my question if they gonna charge additional shipping…again.
I take this as a yes.


Yes there still some issues with communication. I recommend sending @Matthew.Xu a pm with support ticket number & details. A few folks are having problems with “one offs” being understood.


It’s totally related to topic which is the updates and as usual it’s all about delays and causes frustrations among KS pledgers and owners of Pimax hmds. We just hope controllers would be ready in 2020, we’ll be just happy but all the updates so far mostly dissapointment for many including myself. We’ll see…

Now this post is on topic. Much of the frustrations has been a result of communication issues. This is one of the reasons for the recent changes. To improve communication quality & frequency. So far I’d say we have see improvements. Understandably it will take time for folks to have confidence in the new direction.


Yes Matthew is definitely working very hard on support by trying to fast track tickets at the moment . So good job @Matthew.Xu :+1:


Hmmm… Looks like It is more about the tone rather than what’s being discussed regarding the latest update, what makes it related to topic or not. Anyways, we’ll all see if Pimax version of lighthouses and controllers will all be sent to pledgers in 2020!


Speaking from My experience with the ticket system, is when you put a ticket in it gets answered reasonably quickly, BUT after that it is just forgotten about, dose not matter if you reply to that tickets, it never gets answered. they need a system that reminds them to revisit that ticket. @Matthew.Xu has been a god send for me, with out him I would still be fighting the ticket system. :+1: