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Good Morning @Dallas.Hao,

first, thank you very much for your information.

But when will you finally ramp up shipping as well…?
Dividing more than 5000 backers through 130 shipped HMD’s per week results in 38 weeks, until the last backers have received their units - so something around Septembre/Octobre 2019!! But you are already preparing for pre-order production and shipping from February onwards…?!?

I really really appreciate your enthusiasm and your optimism. Really.
But when will Pimax finally learn to make well-founded and plausible production and shipping planning and preview?
I don’t know whether Pimax is aware of this and its potentiel consequences: But many many people already have sold their pledges, and much more are thinking about doing so… So if ever Pimax wants to conquer VR world outside of China, it really has to invest in back-office, planning and company strategy, as well. Having the best VR-HMD at this time won’t help Pimax to survive long-term.


Still looking forward to my 5K+ and hoping, it will be sent in the next batch :slight_smile:



I think honestly, it was the 11.11. shopping frenzy and now Christmas, so the delays might be of because that. Partially because of that at least.

If this same thing continues after the Christmas then I’ll be really worried.

Edit. Yes i have mood swings a lot, yesterday was selling my pc thats not been even build yet.


Worked for years here in the UK as Forklfift driver and warehouse operative (Southampton)
and one thing i can tell you for sure is that one or ten more container loaded with 2000 boxes does not make any difference so 6000 headset sent to different destinations around the globe won’t either…
The problem here is just the use of CHEAP delivery company imo.
Being in China is not an excuse nowadays.
@Dallas.Hao , i would not mind paying more in order to get quality and fast delivery .


Thanks for your reply.
There are more colleague working on ramp up the shipping.As you can see we improve the ship frequency and the speed will raise up .


We will try new ship method which much quickly and waiting for sound from backers.


What NEW shipping method? Would you care be more specific?


Probably a vacuum tube.


To help get funds to hire temporary staff while the majority of the headsets go out You need to promote with the BIG YOUTUBE CHANNELS. Linus Techtips , Marques Brownlee , Gamers Nexus and so on as soon as mindwarp is ready to go, hopefully by then the distortion at 150deg is even less . This will help sell more so that you guys can increase your funds to be able to breathe a little


Pimax’s new faster delivery method revealed


Oh god i laughed pretty hard lol


Well, well and well.

Theres goes another week without shipping code.

Something is fishy here. I smell a big fishy fish the size of a whale.

What aren´t you telling us Pimax ? Maybe a local huge order that you guys gave priority over us backers ?

It makes NO SENSE to build something and then DON´T ship it right away.


FUUUUUUU, FINALLY got my email XD.


Me too and I am in the 5000 range .


Daamn, so happy. NOW PIMAX, send my UNIT first ahahha :rofl:


Pimax units spotted leaving the factory.
Expected delivery date December 19th…



Yep this new shipping method should be faster :dizzy_face:


Pfff, naaah, snail mail is so passe, surely they switched over to


You are too optimistic mate. You meant 2020 actually…