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Ok, coming up against a brick wall here.

Pimax 8K, PiTool
I can change the 4096 setting to 8192 ok. Now here is the catch - if I want to run PiTool Render 1.25, SteamVR Vid and App 100% - I am coming up against the render limit of 8192 when I am running Wide FOV with FFR Aggressive PiTool settings.

If I try changing the value to 9996 as is the largest pixel count on the render settings dialed in, I get normal scale on my right eye and my left eye the image scaling goes double or so. If I change the value to anything above 8192, I get the same effect making any 100% SteamVR render and PiTool render setting above 1 with Wide FOV un-achievable.

Now, that being said, hitting the 8192 limit is pretty nice and for some reason I get better fps in Il2 with it than say 7068 x 3600 which is SteamVR Vid 50% of PiTool 1.25 with SteamVR App at 100%.

Wierd but a heads up and artificial limits should not be imposed by SteamVR. I am sure that within a half year or so, we will be able to drive such resolutions in VR.

Improve pimax image

I have seen several users reporting this issue (left eye scaling) lately. This must have been caused by SteamVR changes with later updates, since the maxRecommendedResolution could be bumped up to 16000+ without any problems in the past with no issues.

I will check this with the dev team!


I can only bump it to 8192 without the visual issues - then Left/Right eye scaling discrepancies.

Thanks for looking into it.

Also wonder if FFR stability is a VR application issue or still bugs to be worked out on PiTool side. Aggressive FFR looks great and when it works is giving nigh on 80% increase over no FFR but at approx 40% reliability at least in Il2. I will also test it on Assetto Corsa now.


Assetto Corsa:
PiTool 1.5, FOV Normal, FFR Aggressive, SteamVR Vid/App 100%, Ingame AA x4

Lovely and smooth.

PiTool 1.75 with no ingame AA - playable but some flickering.
PiTool 2 - slide show at pit menu - no attempt to drive.

Would revert back to PiTool Render 1.5 with some AA ingame. Also for the 8K, bump brightness up to 1 in both eyes as it seemed a little dark but that is with modded weather and lighting.

Track tested Highlands Normal. Wondering what Assetto Corsa’s Textures are. Probably not 4K


Hei, any news on this with your checking SweViver?

Seems for Il2 Wide FOV is the more stable with FFR on but it is quite limited at 8192 being the largest horizontal/vertical resolution I can use without the Left Eye Scaling going haywire.

With the Wide FOV, FFR seems to do a great job of resource management but it would be interesting to test it at PiTool 1.25 or 1.5 with SteamVR Vid and App both at 100% to see how systems perform.

Normal FOV with FFR in Il2 is too unstable and frustrating to use. When it works, PiTool 1.5 and SteamVR 100%/100% is doable but you have a 50% chance of the game hanging mid mission.


Blitze, how long have you flown on wide FOV with FFR on without hanging?


I flew a Kuban CAP mission yesterday in a Spit Vb.

Pitool Render 1.5, FFR Aggressive, FOV Wide, Steam Vid 50%/App100%, Low settings on Il2 with 4x terrain and high Shadows/Clouds, 100km distance, HDR on but SSAO and AA off.

Flew another mission transport column attack Kuban in a FW190 A5 where we were bounced by Yak 1B’s as well and no hangs on the mission.

FFR is not as stable in Il2 as it is in Assetto Corsa where I drove Wide and Normal FOV with Aggressive FFR and no issues at all.

Problem with Wide FOV in Il2 and in general is the Render Resolution limit of 8192 I come up against. If I try larger than that in default.vrsettings file - then I get my left screen at around 3x magnification to right screen in HMD. Really weird behavior so I can not test PiTool 1.25 SteamVR 100%/100% or PiTool 1.5 SteamVR 100%/100% on Wide FOV.


Sorry, do you mind telling how long that was lasting without hanging? FFR always crashes IL-2 after 20-40 minutes of flight here.


I’ve done hour long flights across Moscow without crashes. I have to do more experimentation. Normal FOV and FFR seems to be more crash prone but I think at the end of the day it is Parallel Projections which Il2 requires that is the issue.


The team is still looking at the issue with the maxRecommendedResolution limitation to 8192, but I have no news to share yet…

Regarding FFR, does the crashes in IL2 occur using any of the modes (aggressive, balanced etc) or just a specific mode?


Hi Martin,

to 8192 there is no render issue but above 8192 the left rendered view is a problem.

Il2 FFR crashes seem to happen on all FFR settings but mostly on Normal FOV. Wide FOV so far seems more stable but due to the SteamVR render limitation, it hard to test it above 4k vertical which is approx 8K horizontal. Above that you hit the 8192 render limit. With Normal view I have been testing FFR at 5540 x 5092 and 6648 x 6112 render targets which fall under the 8192 SteamVR limit.

This is with PiTool Render at 1.25 and 1.5 with SteamVR Vid 100% App 100% respectively. With Wide testing and FFR I have had SteamVR at 50% and 100% to bring the Render Res within the limit. It would be interesting to test Wide FOV with FFR at 100% 100% SteamVR as with Normal FOV with FFR, I have noticed little fps difference between 50% 100% and 100% 100%

FFR is very beneficial to Pimax 8K performance and at high render resolutions, there is little with FFR to detract from what you would see without it. The lower res zones work well with the lenses of Pimax.:+1:


The crashes in IL-2 appeared in modes normal/wide FOV and balanced FFR, always after 20-40 minutes. I have never quit a session myself when using FFR in IL-2, never reached over 40 minutes. I have only tested these modes. My Pimax is currently RMA (it arrived in Stoke-on-Trent this morning), I will test all FFR modes over normal/wide FOV when I have received the replacement, on the SteamVR release and new beta 1.7.1 too.

Without FFR IL-2 runs fully stable.

The PiTool used was .144 and .180, and SteamVR was the 1.6.10, Nvidia latest drivers, drivers and OS always uptodate on everything, and clean.

P.S. Blitze, with these settings, on how many fps do you play IL-2? 30 fps?
You must have an iron stomach! :metal::sweat_smile:


I was wondering the same, haven’t checked the game lately but my i9900 and 2080ti do not really manage such high resolution at 90mhz


Thanks for the input guys! I was informed last night that Pimax devs are trying to find a workaround for this, or hopefully bypass the 8192 value limit so it works as it did before. Let’s hope we see some progress the upcoming days!


Not 30fps with PiTool at 1.5 FFR on and StreamVR 100%, 100%.

More in the 40’s pending the map. If I turn PiTool to 1.25 then with FFR it is 50’s to 70’s.

Without FFR then it sucks.:disappointed:

Those frames with FOV at Normal


Might be a 5K issue but I find with decent image resolution - fps do not need to be high. Mid 40’s is smooth for me. 30’s no go = jerky.


I concur with Elite D too. 45fps is absolutely fine and I’d rather have nice looking stations/ships


Just some heads up after talking to the devs this morning. They have reproduced this issue and they are working too have it fixed in the next PiTool update :slight_smile:


Fantastisch :smiley:


Great stuff. Large FOV at PiTool 1.25 or even 1.5 will probably bring my system to a crawl but it will be worth it.

Wonder if there are any further tweaking of FFR to be had? That being said, I think in Large FOV it works very well and almost makes up for having to fly with Parallel Projection compatibility on.:+1:

Further testing after the next PiTool update, will ensue.:joy: