Delay with shipping to the US


Is there a delay with shipping to the US? I ordered the 5k+ on Thursday and nothing has changed as far as delivery, it still says “confirmed”.

Website said i should have it this week. I was just curious if they ship in bulk and I’ll be waiting longer.


You might want to check with NA office (check for pinned topic)

@SweViver might be able to help look into your order.


Thanks for the info! I’ll try to contact the NA office tonight. I sent a ticket to sally huang but i heard I won’t hear anything for a long time or at all. I hope i dont have to cancel my order.


I don’t know if it is a chinese thing or if it is a Pimax thing only but they are slow. They are really not as fast as what we are used to here in North America. Allow 5-6 bussiness days before they ship your
order if you are in their grace ! With a lot of patience they get the things done.