Delete order request



I placed an order that included the pimax 5k and the controllers, unfortunately I added the controllers by mistake and it is now two f.cking months that I request the cancellation of the order and the reimbursement, in order to redo the order and take the right products!
But do you realize that in two fu.king months you have not been able to do a very simple operation like canceling an order ?! I apologize to everyone for the words of anger, but these have taken 1000 dollars! and they don’t even bother me for an answer! in more than two months!
All this would be denounced, here we are not talking about small problems but of stealing money and time! so long, I will have sent over 20 emails! what should i do to fix this? now I demand an answer!

@mozi @Dallas.Hao

I want delete my order, my order is still not shipped, so i want delete it fast! i ask help 2 months ago but nothing!