Demostrating Pimax 8k has real RGB subpixels with an 4k panel resolution. And explaining the source of its image problems


Well it now surely seems that it’s very different panel tech. I had hoped it was the scaler, I had hoped it was panel utilization but it now turns out it’s just a fake 4k panel …


Strangely though the 4k model sde looks like stacked chevrons or horizontal zigzag.


I’m afraid you miscount. There is a missing green sub pixel on one pixel, then a missing red and blue in the next adjacent pixel. You can call that a single full RGB pixel but then you only have half as many. Doesn’t matter how you rotate it.


That would suggest the 4k & Sony phones have fake or lesser 4k screens as well.

Now using Nvidia’s cascaded displays at double tge cost in panels & increased power use would drasticly improve visual quality.


Sure, there may be limited choice. Failure is always an option. The 5K+ is a good product. But having produced the 4K model first, I kind of thought when Pimax claimed to have made for VR panels they’d actually at least match the ones they’d already used.


Which I presume is what the “rainbow” bit describes. I have seen that before under a different description where you have a full RGB pattern but offset each RGB pixel at an angle to the one below. I think it allows higher pixel fill.


If you look at the recent post on upscaling that moves the rgb around using 0s could it be related to that info flow?

Asking to have better understanding


The 4k sony phones are not low persistence though they are 90Hz. I imagine this goes for most others.


Was refering mote to the first sony 4k phones as the sharp panel in the 4k was from those.


How so? The pimax 4k looks MUCH better than the Pimax 8k, they’re not even close. Panel utilization can’t be the problem, since the math just adds up. So I now really think the Pimax 4k just uses other tech.

EDIT hmmm panel utilization could still be a problem, if both the 5k and 8k have that problem … Hmm…


I have a 75 inch hisense led tv and it’s awesome. The black levels are way better than my Samsung that died.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed off about it. I now very much wish I had gone for the cheapest 300 dollar 5k headset only package rather than the all out 8kx with all the bells and whistles at over a thousand and I wouldn’t have made the same call if I knew then what I do now about the pixel pattern.


But we know its rainbow Rgb. Just these are newer clpl versions(possibly same supplier). How they directly compare is hard to say without using them in a 4k solution like the original 4k model with same optics


According to pictures or what you’ve tested?
Maybe you tried it at a meeting?


Thats good to hear. I just read they at least in the beginning had a lot of problems & shied away from grabbing one.


I might be wrong by the lack of better images. But each heart (pixel) has all tree colors

  1. Square=Red.
  2. Circle=Green
  3. Diamond=Blue.
    And there should be 8.3M hearts.


Original 4k was a full rgb stripe high persistence 60hz panel that suffered from ghosting. Now we get a low persistence 90hz panel (if run at 80 on the 8k) that clearly has a worse pixel arrangement. Definitely not the same pixel arrangement though.


Not according to the specs we found. It said 1 of 2 sharp panels 4k at 60hz Rainbow Rgb 1 had a 50pin connector the other 60pin.


Yeah they have come a long way in the last couple of years + they come with a 5 year on site warranty.


The persistence is a backlight driver property, not actually the display panel. Lowering the backlight duty cycle can reduce the ghosting simply by not exposing the transition time. But the update frequency is an issue.