Demostrating Pimax 8k has real RGB subpixels with an 4k panel resolution. And explaining the source of its image problems


No it does and that’s the problem. the ratio of vertical to horizontal pixels doesn’t match if you only go by full RGB pixels. To make the numbers line up you have to take the green sub pixels and count then as whole pixels and you have to take the smaller red/blue subpixel pair and count them as the next adjacent pixel.

This isn’t full RGB which over two pixels would be RGB,RGB it isn’t pentile which over two pixels is RGGB, for two pixels its actually RB,G.

Which is unfortunate.

Edit: I may have confused pentile, may be RBGRB? I think they are supposed to have less green pixels as we are more sensitive to green light but I may be wrong. Either way the point stands about the difference between the 8k and a normal full RGB stripe


Oh really? I thought the crystal technology had to change to get faster switching off? Not read up on that in a long time so could just be the backlight.


According to everything that’s been posted. The PImax 8k just looks bad from what I’ve seen, compared to the Pimax 4k. The spanish testers compared them too and came to the same conclusion. I remember their first post on the closed forum after they had received the HMD, that they were very surprised by the lousy 8k quality because they had been expecting Pimax 4k quality.


Exactly this. Now we’re getting 90 hz without ghosting but with a fake 4k panel.


Yes, but you will also get the color fringes, as SweViver pointed out. They are quite visible under some circumstances.


You will get exactly that yes.


Does this explain why a 5K+ HMD just appeared out of nowhere? Because the 5K HMD had the same issue as the 8K?


That certainly seems like a plausible reason.


Didn’t see that post but maybe on the 8kx you could improve things by rendering to the pixel pattern rather than letting the lcd module handle the resampling. Might not be possible though and I’d be surprised if fiddling with that sort of thing will make it through the downscale and upscale pass of the 8k…


Ok thank you.

Well, thats a problem actually.

I dont know…imagine in a restaurant you order some chicken and when the waitress come she tells you they just restocked sushi and offer you to switch without telling you there are both non-cooked because of energy economy better to dont use fire…and actually they no longer have fire.

And if you choose sushi, sake is offered!


Also remember how PImax themselves said they couldn’t see much difference between the pimax 8k and 8k-X. Nobody, really believed them back then. I didn’t for sure. But now I do, it all makes frikking sense now …


Well tonight has been like a sledgehammer to my indecision which is actually a relief.

The 8k now has to many negatives to consider, it has to be 5k+


Here is one of the 4k panels from sharp

Pixel pattern?


Yes, I would think so. I assume a full-RGB stripe panel became available and Pimax jumped on it. At some point, I would think that a 3840x2160 version of the panel will be available and will be used in some future headset.


I could easily be wrong, but looking at that diagram of the sharp pixel pattern it doesn’t seem to align with the photos at all. The green pixels in the photos all align both vertically and horizontally whereas they go in a zig zag pattern on the sharp panels (like the pimax 4K actually).

Does that mean it isn’t the Sharp 4K panels being used?


Yes, I don’t think that’s the 8K panel.


Hard to say as this was in the 4k.

It was said the new panels from someone that it appears to be rainbow rgb.


This would explain their reluctance to talk about basic specs of the 8K panel and instead replying with vague things like “still tweaking”. I assume they need to shift purchased stock so keeping it quiet. I actually told a mate (who was undecided) a few weeks back they would bring out a 8K+ shortly after selling all the remaining 8K units so he should switch to the 5K+. I think he agreed and switched. But all speculation of course because Pimax are being silent on it! Grrrr


This looks like the sharp panel from the spec sheet.
Definitely not the one in the 8k


That’s to be expected. If they weren’t, it’s just bad business. They’d have to liquidate all the stock they’ve acquired, or sell a product which becomes very difficult to market and sell to what is generally a well informed and niche market as it is.

The 8K is still a great product. Although I belong to the camp currently favouring the 5K+, the 8K still has benefits with it’s better contrast, colour balance and most notably less visible SDE. It hasn’t been beaten in every single area by the 5K+, and the SDE is the most important part of that to a lot of consumers. People should still have the opportunity to buy it, and Pimax should not be obligated to absorb a bunch of losses for further R&D into a 8K+ when judging by a lot of the discussion it may be more difficult than people realise anyway. Sourcing an appropriate 4K panel with resolution to match that of the 5K+ may be an insurmountable obstacle at this point, or one that doubles the price point. It’s not something they can confirm so easily, especially without any revenue coming into the company from the initial working units yet. Just stating that “an 8K+ is coming” before serious R&D or info on pricing would be killing off their work on the existing 8K product completely. It should be assumed that the 8K+ will happen as long as the 8K (and other products) are successful enough to fund the further development.