Did anyone tried a dp1.4 to hdmi adapter?


I have a laptop which has only DisplayPort through usb c and hdmi2 . So I am
Wondering did anyone managed
To make pimax working with a dp 1.4 to hdmi 2 adaptor ? Card is 1080 max q


Your laptop doesn’t have mini dp port?


No , it support dp only through thunderbolt


Thunderbolt 3 to dp adapter?


Yes but it does not seem to work …:confused: shall I open a ticket with support maybe ?


Yeah that might be best as your machine has an interesting mix. The usb-c is the thunderbolt 3?


Yes , I tried it to my older laptop with an dp1.4 and it seems
To work . Hdmi 2 adaptor seems to work as well
So it seems an issue with the thunderbolt 3. I see other uses having the same issue so maybe something that is a driver issue ? By the way as you see from me being away I had some
Fun ! The big fov is reallt wow ! Just some tweeks and find the correct
Spot to avoid the distortion and is amazing ! Can’t go back !


Awesome. Which headset did you receive? & backer or pre order.


Backer . They lost my adress info a couple of times but after I wrote directly to support that they keep losing it I received the headset in 3 days


Yeah it’s been a rocky journey but will get better with time. Which headset 5k+ or 8k?