Didn’t receive the headset (P123673)


Didn’t receive the headset (P123673)

And this is feeling so disrespectful to me when using the Pimax Support Center.

SUPEN-3630 Logistics

me 2019/04/12

Any updated information since 2019-03-25? thank you.

Order Number: P123673
Order Date: 2019-02-08T17:59:30-06:00
Last Updated: 2019-03-25T07:29:44-05:00
Email Address: -------------

Shipping Status
Producing (*It is expected to be shipped out from factory on 30th Mar.)

Order Number

pimaxvr 2019/04/15
your headset has been shipped out from Shanghai and it is on the way to our HK warehouses.

你的申请状态被更改为 Logistics.
你的申请状态被更改为 Order Issues.

me 2019/04/30
any news? thanks

pimaxvr 2019/04/30

your order is in the queque to be shipped,

once shipped, you will get the tracking number.


me 2019/05/03
when will it be shipped?

me 2019/05/06
Can anyone answers my question please?

pimaxvr 2019/05/07

your order has been arranged today ,

you will get TN soon.

me 2019/05/12
another week and no TN

me 2019/05/12

Tell me when you are going to send it instead of “soon” or nothing. Just keep in mind, your company said it’ll shipped on march when I ordered. And now it is May, keep asking with no useful answer is not acceptable. If your company can’t send it just refund to me.


Me 2019-05-16
"TN is incorrect and can’t find any related information, our TN end with 9001."

4px said the TN you provided is incorrect, please check.

pimaxvr 2019-05-16

pimaxvr VVV 2019-05-16



me 2019-05-18

I called the logistics company, they told me there was a problem between you two, and therefore they can’t send it out. They also told me I can’t do anything about it, please contact them directly.

me 2019-05-20

something like “please reply me.” and “refund issue”

@Dallas.Hao @mozi @DerekVVV @PimaxUSA


Received, i contacted the carrier and they will give me response latter


Have checked, the logistics was updated till 10th May,

I am requesting the forwarder for more info , later I will inform you on your ticket SUPEN-3630.


Thank you for your kind assistance. I’m grateful for the logistics company stop ignoring inquiries on my own. I didn’t get a clear answer at this moment, but I’ll wait and see whether things will work out.


Hi, have replied SUPEN-4876


Yup. SO frustrating. Pimax are more interested in making themselves look better and saving face than actually providing some truth and honesty, not to mention efficiency. I pre-ordered on Oct 27 2018 and am still waiting and all I get in the meantime is meaningless excuses. How hard is it to ship a product? Unbelievable.


Back to report the latest situation:

I have received the headset today. I have been worried about the logistics company have done some damage on it, since it tade so long in their warehouse. It looks good at the first sight and the packaging is good enough to protect the product. Thank you once again for the kind assistance.

After setting up and some testing, it’s working well so far with no crashes. Perfectly fine for movies, some slight problems in high performance of gaming not likely belong to the headset itself and it should be fixable. I’m satisfied with what I get here when comparing with the htc vive I used for years. It had been worth waiting for. Thanks Pimax team for your efforts and achievements in the VR industry.

We feel upset and angry not mainly for the late shipment. It’ll be better when someone told us a reason (even not true) instead of completely silent. Tell us a shipping date which is certainly reachable even it would take some time. Instead of we need to ask you guys again and again and piss off everyone. Hopefully you will do as well as your product in customer service, then we’ll glad to be a returned customer.


thanks, have a nice day.