Dirt rally 2.0 works fine without PP



I haven’t seen any topic yet about the game.

surprisingly. the game runs in openvr and you don’t need to do anything special to play.

Only proved it about ten minutes with pad but the game runs very well without PP. only i see a very little issues with the shadows on the bush, but i think there aren’t problems to anyone.

I play witn normal fov, 90 hz, pitool ss@1, ss auto in steam, and in game no AA and some options in ultra and another on low like shadows.

With that i get 90 frames with my 5820k and 2080ti, better than the previous dirt rally, but repeat i only have had 10 minutes to play it.

I have bougth deluxe edition at instant gaming for 36€


Thanks for the report, I’m going to get this game as well.
edit. Is this oculus version or what?


Instant gaming normally sells the steam version. I dont even know if you can add a key to oculus as if you can with steam…


Steam version

You can buy at Steam first to prove it for yourself, return the Game and buy the key after.


Wow I just found out about the news a little late haha, very exciting!! And thanks for the hint about the IG price on Deluxe Edition, @_c_c :slight_smile:


There’s also Games Planet:


Already a couple hours spend in VR - works nice!!.
I haven’t had any time to fiddle around ( worked late and just wanted to drive).

I doesn’t appear as a VR Game which confused me and I started from Steam VR Home which brings a „ Not designed for VR and might be slow message“ starting right from Steam without Steam Home does work and it starts up without that message.

What Config are you using in steam and piTool? (9900/2080TI/5K) ( also the Max Resolution Hack in Steam config? I didn’t find it or better one file set Lesevergnügen me alone and look for you user file and the user file did not list the resolution)


So if no Parallel Projection is needed, I dont see any reason to go with the Oculus version. Especially since some features are currently missing in the Oculus version, according to RtVR article:

“However, it sounds like some of the game’s content isn’t yet available on the Oculus version, as Codemasters notes, all Dirt Rally 2.0 post release content will be made available for Oculus at a later date.”


No need for Occulus stuff - works straight from steam


Steam is always preferable to the locked eco system of Oculus, because it remains an open platform. I don’t even bother with my Oculus Library anymore (was using Rift CV1 until summer 2018) :+1:


Looking forward to getting this fired up later!


Works well. I am not as thrilledl with the ffb on my old Logitec Momo wheel as DR1 but still massaging settings. It’s quite drivable, though I find vehicles bog down more than my rl experience and still prefer DR1’s behavior.


Unfortunately, I cannot actually buy it from them. I’ve been trying for a few days now, but I get this error: The transaction could not be processed. The card has not been charged. Please try again later. I’ve tried using Edge, Chrome, and IE.

Is anyone else able to buy it from Games Planet? Any ideas why I can’t?


No idea, but I just used PayPal.


Is it possible you are using a VPN, and you’re getting a foreign site(they have a few)?


I bought from Instant Gaming. Also picked up No Man’s Sky there on sale as well. Solid site


The US site failed, but the UK site accepted my purchase. Thanks for the tip! :+1:


I had a similar issue also with another store - since then I only use https://www.mmoga.de/ which always works for me but is DE

EDIT: They also have https://www.mmoga.com/ none DE :wink:


Since we’re talking about racing, check out what you can do in No Man’s Sky: https://youtu.be/JEfjgE_EUyY?t=411

I’ve never played the game, but I’m pretty hyped since there’s so much to do. This could be a nice test of VR legs and I can’t wait haha.


Well it isn’t, but it is. There’s a difference in each eye in some circumstances, like night.