Dirt rally 2.0 works fine without PP



Hows the wheel compatibility with DR2? I bought a full thrustmaster setup to play Dirt Rally1 only to find it wasnt supported. Are most wheels supported this time round?


Here’s their list

Doesn’t list my trusty Momo but it is an old standard 210 degree wheel for which I have never had trouble with racers. I scored it open box for $110 many years ago then got a 2nd one for $30 in a scratch and dent sale, as a back up. ironically, it is still brand new awaiting my breaking the original. :grinning:


Not what I thought would work :thinking:, but glad I could help.:grinning:

Unfortunately my prerequisites don’t end at “no vr no buy”:laughing: I’m reading(Steam forums)the FFB isn’t that good, then there’s telemetry(SimCommander), which looks to be supported/working.


Just bought from Instant Gaming and have to say not happy with the security hoops they put you through to verify you’re not “a third party”. Any idea how long I have to wait before being sent a key?


@jTeller if you pay with Paypal you will receive your code instantly after checkout. I guess paying directly with CC may require some security steps though…


I have the Thrustmaster T300 and the T3PA pedales from thrustmaster - they work


Thanks for your reply @sweviver …I did actually pay with Paypal and just checked my email this morning, the confirmation email from Instantgaming came in 4 hours later at 3am my time. I just activated the key on Steam and relieved to see it works, so a legit site :+1::beer:


holy crap the DR2 download is 74gb…all hail to the 2 TB drive.


Is the T300 in the controller list or is it working as a generic device?


T300 works and is recognized as one.