Dirt Rally 2 vr release



Looks like a vr patch just landed :grinning:

Dirt Rally Settings 5k+ (update thread)
Dirt Rallye 2 has now VR support!

anyone tested with pimax 5k?


Omg this I’ve been waiting! Well, this and Sniper Elite VR.


does anyone with both dirt rally care to share your impression on the game?

does it require PR? how’s the frame rate compare the two?




There’s another thread here:

@neal_white_iii or @Heliosurge. Can You merge threads? :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Thanks Helio… :+1:


Not working for me… Screen stays black


I’ve not had chance to play it properly yet and probably won’t until the weekend but can confirm in the meantime it is working fine for me from what I have tried so far. I started it via steamVR with no tricks or “hacks” and it fired up in VR straight away and works fine. It also works fine without parallel projections enabled which is a real bonus! Looking forward to having a good mess about at the weekend.




@SweViver Have you tried yet??


Apparently oculus users are getting the same thing.

I suspect politics here.

The game is listed as Vive only.

Only reason I can think of why oculus wouldn’t be listed as compatible , considering they were the reason VR was added in the first place is

  1. Oculus funded the support for VR
  2. Oculus doesn’t want their users buying DR2 on steam since they funded it and would rather they buy it from their store.

Either way this should work on Pimax, but it looks like Non-Native steamVR headsets (anything but a vive or index) are being blocked

pimax appear as vive headset may help here.


For me it was kind of “grayed out” until I tried with “Compatible with Vive Only Game” ticked as @drowhunter suggests.

Oh, and the game window wasn’t in focus/front at start so had to alt-tab to the window.


So apparently someone posted on youtube that, the latest steamVR beta is the problem. If you switch to non-beta the game will launch just fine.


Can we play directly via pitool with oculus apid hack and without PP ? Cant test it yet as I am at summer holiday


Perhaps. I will test tomorrow to confirm but as mentioned above, it already works on SteamVR without PP anyway so not likely much (if anything) to gain by running it directly from pitool with the apid hack this time like Dirt 1.0.


Thanks. I did not know that its working without PP via steam.


looks like they boosted fps in latest patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1jRPREGSs0&t=51s


Good news about the new patch. I’ve found the performance on the Pimax in DR2.0 to be bloody good considering. There are a few tweaks which carry over from the OG Dirt Rally which have a big impact on frames and little visual impact. Namely turning Cloth to Off, particles low and keeping advanced AO off and shadows+AO to medium. This time it seems “ground cover” has less impact on FPS which is nice because I think this has a huge visual impact as it fills the scenery with grass and other clutter making it look more natural. It also seems to play nice with Brainwarp so long as you’re not pushing things too far which helps too!