Dirt Rally 2 vr release



Unfortunately not yet, as I need to clean up my room space and also properly setup my racing rig again after some Windows updates screwing up drivers… my good old g27 do not find the pedals for some reason. I guess its just my luck lately.

Im glad it works good and the framerate is better than original Dirt Rally. I remember “ground cover” and “cloth” options were the most GPU taxing settings, so if they have solved it then Im very happy.


There are issues with the Index, pretty laggy, but Pimax works great, so I’m sticking to that. There’s actually a VR guide that was posted by Codemasters, check it out here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41687-dirt-rally-20-vr-faq-performance-guide/
I personally feel I NEED 4X MSAA or everything just looks crappy, so I’m using that. They have a list of most–> least performance-hungry settings in that link too.


It is impossible for me to start dirt rally 2.0 in VR. There is no native start button “start in vr” for me. And when i try to start it, i can see a few seconds that it starts in cinema mode and then crashed without an error.
IS there a trick to turn on native VR?
Starting from PiTool also do the same, short time i can see the cinema mode and nothing happened.
Tried Steam 1.6.10 and also the beta 1.7.4
Also turned Fullscreen to 0


Make sure the game doesn’t have the “launch in Theater mode” something-something option set (right-click game select properties).


Tried it one minute ago. Now it wroks. Thx


Guess they (CodeMasters or Valve) didn’t push that setting when they added VR support? :wink::+1: