Dirt Rally Settings 5k+ (original thread)



Guys, revive is a must right for Dirt Rally?


Yes, revive is a must. Works well though in fairness.


Well well. I got it working. It came to me that nobody here seemed to be using Revive 1.6.4 (latest) so I dl’d 1.6.3 and it works great. Using the Pitool 111 beta and the above linked Steam VR.
Haven’t done any changes from my Rift setting in game but runs quite smooth although the colors are a little less rich. The fov is great though.
Happy as a pig in poop. Thx for all the setup feedback guys.

Would you sell or giveaway your old HMD now that you got your Pimax HMD?

I tried some graphis mods to get better colors but so far all of them working only on monitor screen.
most of them are based on Reshade which is not supporting VR unfortunatelly.


Thanks for the info, I did the same thing, downgraded Revive it works ok now but something is wrong with the tracking… (I only play 3dof)


Have bases myself but thid thread might inform
New 5K+: Problems with internal gyroscope and 3dof


You need to downgrade steamvr too


I’m running the SteamVR version of Dirt Rally with the latest version of SteamVR beta and latest Nvidia drivers (stable) without issues.

Followed the instructions on this Reddit post a long time ago:

I don’t have Oculus Home installed.


Are you sure about this, as same 3dof tracking anomaly happened with my Rift as well.

Even so which SteamVR version seems working?


I will look into that. Thanks

What about Revive? Which version works with your Pimax on Dirt Rally?


1.4.2 but I’m unsure if I’ve updated it since.

I’ll verify it later… :wink:

Be sure to just download the Oculus files from Google Drive unless You really want to install Oculus Home (I didn’t and still don’t)… :wink:

They’re linked at the bottom of the Reddit post.


Just updatde to Pitool1.0.1.121beta and Steam VR 131 has compositor fail. Had to go back to latest Steam VR 132 to get Steam VR to load which naturally broke Dirt rally again. Anyone else seeing this or have a solution besides rolling Pitool back, which I love the latest version of?


So any news which versions do I need to play Dirt rally? Do I need oculus clien? I tried that older 1.3 and older revive, still no luck, then found this thread and it seems like I need older pitool too… So you need all old soft to play dirt rally? But how about other games? I would love to play this game o my 5k, but to downgrade everything? Also I foud that post which should let you play without revive and steamvr. No luck.


Try this: How to play dirt rally VR on pimax 8k, 5k without revive and steamvr

Works without SteamVR so you could use the latest version for your other games. Only download and install both Oculus dll´s


Confirming that Oculus version with steam_appid.txt hack is working. But if you have steam version make sure that steam is runnig and steam vr not and run it directly from PiTool.
Even FFR is working. Testing some settings, so far this game is very playable on Pimax 5k +RTX 2080ti.


I have 2080ti and 5k+, bought eveything dreaming about dirt rally. So simple way is to buy oculus version and create steam_appid.txt file with numbers inside?


I have it running using the SteamVR version (PP enabled) without Oculus Home installed using the instructions provided here:


I will try in the evening to uninstal oculus, reinstal dirt and download those files. And which versions do you use of revive and pitools? Mine is all the latest maybe there is a problem.


Latest… :+1:

Remember to both patch and inject using ReVive as per instructions.


Hi Mekis,

The steam version playing via Revive and SteamVR works ok as I highlighted in this thread. However, since then I have found it much better to use the Oculus and steamappid.txt method because it has slightly better performance, there is less shimmering and the quality and scale of the text overlays (time markers, turn signals etc) are all much clearer this way than using the revive method. In addition, parallel projections is not required either.

You dont need to buy the oculus version and you dont even need oculus home installed. For a video instruction, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMTHnvqj3TQ

If you need more help, I may post a quick clear guide of each and every step because a lot of people seem to get confused with this method (including myself when I first started using it). It works for a lot of games too. When you get it working, before turning on you pimax, lay it perfectly flat. This will make sure it is centred correctly in Dirt rally. If you dont, you will soon see what I mean. Also if you use lighthouses, you need to do a room setup in Pitool as well, if not then you dont.