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Thanks for caring. So all I need to do is download those two .dll files, put to catalog where dirt is instaled, create steamappid.txt with 310560 inside, then open revive, patch drt.exe, then inject drt.exe.
And start from steam library as all games? Or import to pitools and start without steamvr?
Paralel projection is on, smarthsmoothing too? I didn’t have any other vr headset. So maybe there is some basic settings that everyone should know and you think that don’t even need to mention? I have only one base station and no controlers, still waiting for pimax pricess.


You don’t need revive with the steamappid.txt technique. Also I didn’t do the room setup, you just need tu wear your helmet when you launch the game, and all will be centered. Then you can reset VR orientation with the dedicated button.


Correct up to here. Then you must add the “drt.exe” from within Pitool. Once complete, simply click launch on the new icon within Pitool that you just created. Make sure Steam is open in the background, but SteamVR is not. It should just launch the game in VR straight from Pitool without any need for parallel projections. As others have said, you dont need revive, you dont need to patch the game with it or anything, it just works without if using this method as shown in the youtube clip and explained here.

One quick tip, if you get flickering just disable Smart Smoothing.


It works! Thanks to everyone. I don’t know what I did wrong past times. But now it works. I reinstaled dirt rally, made exactly what you said and it works. Yes it flickering, but parallel projections was on and smart smoothing was on, so I believe everything will get better. The main job was to launch it. I think it can be because I reinstled windows and selected “keep programs” and maybe not everything was fine, or maybe simple steam vr was launched, can’t remember.
Nw I can read this thread again and find what setting works best. I’m so happy, thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d like to say thanks too. I’ve been waiting to play Dirt Rally, until the issues were straightened out. This info is very helpful.


No problem, glad the guide has been useful. I will update the OP this weekend to reflect the best settings as of now, since there has been several iterations of Pitool, Nvidia drivers & the new steamappid method of launching Dirt Rally since I made the thread back in February.


With the PP off hack and Smart Smooth on it runs the way it needs to and looks sweet and cars handle properly. Too bad it flickers though.
Even with 64Hz and small fov, without Smart Smoothing it on, it runs like a tank. It looks smooth but the sense of speed is gone and the slight delay in steering throws off the handling.
Keeping my Rift for this one for now.


I have been waiting 6 months to play Dirt Rally again and now finally works great . I’m runing it at 72 hz mode and FFR on with my Strix 2080ti. I made stable 72 fps with high/ ultra tex. only set low mirror ,shadows , ambient and CMAA. Dirt is in my top 5 list for my VR + montion platform. Going to do
short video about it. Definitly more immersive than playing in Vive/ Rift HMDs.

How to play dirt rally VR on pimax 8k, 5k without revive and steamvr

I was looking at a picture of a car on a race track in a magazine. Captioned read “for a great sense of speed pull magazine toward face real fast”

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