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I would have a hard time with that, that’s like punishing 8KX backers who didn’t use a second kickstarter account for their second HMD. I think we still have the option here, would seem mighty strange if not.


I don’t know, am just guessing really.


Considering it is now possible to upgrade from the 5K to the 8K by paying the price difference.
Would it also be possible to pay the difference to get the hand tracking module for people that missed that option?


Okay folks there is definitely some confusion.

With the 8k-X you get a $100 credit if you paid to keep the loaner.

I will start a PM with 8k-X backers wanting to discuss further details with Pimax.


If your an 8k-X backer that paid to keep loaner message here & I will add you to the pm.

I have added @burstingtops so far.


wrote you a message :wink:


Added you to pm 20​:sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thanks you very much :wink:


I’m an 8K-X backer who hasn’t yet paid to keep the loaner (8K or 5K+ undecided) as a 2nd headset but fully intend to do so when the time comes unless some miracle happens and the 8K-X is usable at high FPS before I have to make that decision (or I’m broke :grin:)


Okay well that’s a seperate question about purchasing the loaner. @xunshu


Pretty sure it was stated somewhere (during the campaign) that we could hedge our bets and make that choice at the time the X is about to be shipped (though I could have misremembered!)

It’d make sense - for example if your loaner got damaged I’d expect Pimax would rather you pay to keep both it and the X rather than return it to strip for parts or sell at a reduced factory reconditioned price.


Tbh your probably right. A lot if things were discussed. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@xunshu If I am an 8KX backer and have paid another $ 500 to maintain an 8k headset since it is the same as performing an 8k pledge, could I be entitled to receive a loan 5k+ headset?

It would be very useful to receive the 8k paid and the 5k + loan headset until the 8kx is available. (I do not mind paying the shipping costs although with the $ 100 check they could be covered in plenty.


i am also interessted in the same answer of your question. So who ever is answering it, please keep me in the loop.


THIS! Let us who have endured this process get the chance to supplement our orders. I would grab another HMD at KS price offering now that the 5k+ is in the game. Of course to be sent only after initial backer orders filled.

Please give us this option.



Hi Helio, I am an 8k-X backer that paid to keep the loaner


@xunshu Has any discount coupon for 8k backer to buy the 5k+ in limited time?

Condition such as send to same address or anything for prevent selling the coupon.

Sometimes the decision is too much difficult.


I think it’s a neat idea if Pimax can agree to it. Maybe give that option during 8K/5K select survey, so they can have clear numbers of how many extra headsets they can sell before consumer release. If the KS price is too low for Pimax not to loose on every extra headset, then I hope they can propose another price.

EDIT: I don’t think Pimax owe us anything, but the fact that only a small number of backers who could make it to Berlin had a chance to compare 8K and 5K+, that the software is still in development, there are still improvements coming to both headsets, inconsistency in people opinions about 8K vs 5K+ benefits, very subjective comparisons -

  • it is not fair to ask people to make a decision between 8K and 5K+ based on the information as it is now, and even after first backers will receive their headsets and this forum will be full of these people opinions, it will be still very subjective.


@xunshu , If 8KX backer switch to 5K+, how much coupon can we get? $300 or $100 only?

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