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Is there a 3 foot Display Port Extender that is known to work well with the 5K+? I saw the one below but it looks like it’s only Display Port 1.3 and not 1.4.

Power 5K+ from Link Box

I know a lot of us on here including myself use this one and it works great!


Is that display port 1.4? I can’t find info anywhere on what version it supports.


I can confirm it works great with my pimax 5k+! On Amazon I believe it says it’s 1.4


Ordered! Thank you for the help. I got from Amazon. I couldn’t find the version anywhere but like you said, you and others have already confirmed that it works well.


i asked, through Amazon, if it supports Displayport 1.4. their brief reply was:

“This cable could support DP 1.4.
By Rankie US [SELLER ]”


1.4 is not used, the bridge chip inside the pimax (anx7530) only supports hbr 2 and hbr 2.5 (what no where is used)
it does not hurt to have a good quality cable as long as its not to expansive to have (unused) hbr3 support


this link makes it sound like it uses DP1.4: https://www.analogix.com/en/news_media/news/“-4k-resolution-120hz-refresh-rate-anx7530-expected-break-through-obstacles-and

i’m not super informed on Displayport tech though. i put a clip from the article below. is this saying that the board can support DP1.4 unless it’s for VR or something like that? i don’t know what MIPI-DSI is.

More detailed performance indicators for the ANX7530 are as follows:
· DisplayPort 1.4 input, supports up to 6.75Gbps link frequency;
· HDCP 2.2 and 1.4 high-bandwidth digital content protection support to ensure safe distribution of video content;
• DisplayPort input adaptive equalization for best-in-class signal recovery for interconnect VR HMD applications;
· MIPI-DSI 1.2 output, supports up to 1.5Gbps link frequency, each eye to receive four or eight channels.

Power 5K+ from Link Box

I got the Pimax 8K few days ago and now I need to extend it by 10meters (32 feet) to another room, but I am finding extremely difficult to find such extension cable. I found some M-M DP1.4 cables but for Pimax I need M-F cable. Please can anyone help? Otherwise I won’t be able to use this headset properly.


You’d need an active cable as that is really long, I don’t know of any male to female that long unfortunately, only male to male.


Yeah well I don’t care if its an active cable, don’t care how the result is achieved. Right now I have Vive extended with 5m HDMI <=> active repeater <=> 5m HDMI and works flawlessly.
But noooo I can’t do that with Pimax because there isn’t even a DP1.4 repeater, NOT EVEN A PASSIVE COUPLER. How is this possible?


Because typically extenders and long cables are for home studio’s , ie. running TV equipment through the house and video signal that way, not computer video. I wonder if it would work if you get the latest standard display port to HDMI cables (would have to make sure latest HDMI standard to handle the bandwidth) or dongles/couples and ran that instead since availability is there.

ie. you would run the pimax display port cable to hdmi converter/active dongle, then a hdmi cable that is active the rest of the way.


With that approach, at one point or another I would need HDMI to DisplayPort FEMALE which I am also unable to find anywhere :sob:
I might be able to go from USB-C to DisplayPort Female, but holy sh*t would that be expensive, and would that even work? Does USB-C need to be on graphics card for that? Or do I go 10m of HDMI from computer, then to USB-C, then to DisplayPort?
This is insane, whats screwing me up is that Pimax connects with MALE displayport and not FEMALE displayport… if I don’t solve this I may as well sell the headset


3m is pretty much the maximum a DP signal can be extended, you are reaching the physical limits of signal integrity. I know of no 10m DP extenders, but you could try and daisy-chain shorter ones, although the result might not be optimal.

The long range DP extenders I have seen use converters and very expensive glassfibre extensions. DP is considerably more difficult to extend than HDMI, also you can go from DP to HDMI, but not from HDMI to DP.

EDIT: I have found both a DP FF unit ( https://www.amazon.de/rocabo-DisplayPort-auf-Adapter-Verlängerung/dp/B01AQJTDTI/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2N5RUHBF8PY48&keywords=displayport+verlängerung&qid=1554196960&s=gateway&sprefix=displayport+ver%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-5) as well as a 5m DP extension ( https://www.amazon.de/DeLock-Verlängerungskabel-Displayport-60Hz-schwarz/dp/B07HQ4HTF3/ref=sr_1_15?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2N5RUHBF8PY48&keywords=displayport+verlängerung&qid=1554196960&s=gateway&sprefix=displayport+ver%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-15)
You could try and give this setup a shot, but I’m not sure it will work.

EDIT 2: This post (https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/comments/b8gpt7/displayport_12_cable_is_a_misnomer_but_what_is/) actually explains the DP naming conundrum quite well.


What about some thing like this, would it work, I have a 2m cable already from a monitor.


That DP FF adapter might work although I doesn’t say anywhere what displayport version it is, if it’s DP1.4 compatible then I can work with that. Does someone know if such a coupler would be DP version agnostic?

Possyguset That is an HDMI coupler, HDMI is easy (DP1.2 is also easier) but for Pimax we need DisplayPort 1.4


imho no, as i wrote there is no HBR3 support in the anx7530 used in the pimax, just read the pdf

i did not find anything about nvidia supporting the mentioned HBR 2.5 mode, what leaves HBR2 and when estimating the bandwidth of 5k+ resolution
then is HBR2 enough
2560x1440x90x2x3x8 -> ~16 Gbit/s, 4 lanes of HBR2 will be ~17.5 Gbit/s (usable bandwidth without the overhead)


I don’t really understand that because the official requirement is DP1.4, but okay,
I am thinking about buying following cable:

And this coupler:

Unless someone has any other recommendations or suggestions?


when it comes to the DP cable the only thing that limits the possible length is the speed of the data, DP can switch down the speed when needed
DP 1.4 is not bound so use HBR3 speed, it can switch to lower speed (like hbr2) and its possible to use longer cable (or even lower hbr mode as long as the signal can be transmitted)
in our case the nvidia gpu could use hbr3 but the bridge chip in the hmd does not support it so the speed will be hbr2
DP 1.4 cable will be higher quality and more expansive, but DP 1.2 cable would do the job too


Can you confirm if any of these solution worked for you for long range? (10m+)