Display Port Extender



i can tested that for the usb 2.0 extension only, had 2x5m extensin plus the pimax 5m cable -> 15m over all
but i guess the power cord extension would also work on longer distance then 10m
i had a 7,5m passive DP extension and it did not work, the 5m extension from the same brand is reported to work (i’m using the 3m extension from that brand), so i guess passive DP for >10m is not reliable and active cable needs to be checked especially for added latency (i have no clue what to expect here, i know for normal usb two or tree hubs are no problem in latency)


Alright then, thanks.
i suppose i could look into those active cables


I just got the cable and coupler a day ago, and I can confirm that it is NOT working
The worst thing is that I don’t even have a way of telling if its the cable or the coupler. Any other ideas?

Lack of hardware for something this basic is incredibly infuriating to me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do because even if I sold the pimax and bought Valve Index for example, I would have the same problem because that is going to be DisplayPort as well.


i dont think even a (passive) 10m m/f extension is going to work, you tried it with a addition connector (m/m cable, f/f adapter) witch is degrading the signal further because of the added connectors

there is no standard for dp cable, anyone can claim anything without proof and there a a lot of low quality around too

imho it seems a active cable or repeater is the way to try if you looking for extending more than 5m, but they are expansive and until now i have not seen anyone here with a positive result for this, so if you order a 200 bugs cable make sure you can give it back if it does not work for you


Did you try the cable with a monitor to check if the cable is faulty?


I don’t actually have any other DP device, but I do have DP to HDMI cable which works when plugged in directly between monitor and PC, but doesnt when I use DP cable (the 10m mentioned above or another 1M that I already had) so I am thinking the coupler is useless.
I have ordered an active DP1.2 repeater which should arrive in less than a week. If that doesn’t work I’ll try really expensive fiber optics 10m DP cable as well…


Quick update:
The repeater works with short cable, but not with the 10m one. So I ordered a fiber optics 10m Displayport 1.4 cable and should have it on Friday. I’ll post the exact models if it works.


“following to keep on the News”…


Sorry the delivery took a bit longer, but the good news is it works, it aint cheap but it works.

For DisplayPort I am using
Premium Cord Optical DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 Connection Cable M/M Gold-Plated 10 m - 130€
Delock Displayport 1.2 Repeater 4K 60 Hz - ~40€

And for USB
Premium Cord USB 3.0 repeater 10m extension cord - ~25€

This successfully extends Pimax 8k by 10 meters and on highest settings (Large FOV, 80hz). I think it’s a safe bet it would work with Pimax 5k+ and the upcoming Valve Index.


that’s awesome. do you happen to have links to the cables you used?


I used a few local retailers for this so not really. On Amazon I can find the the DP cable:

Can’t find the DP repeater but this one looks identical except in white so it should work:

And the USB3 extension is not that sensitive so I would say any active extension cable would work, for example:


Just so we’re all clear here, you actually succeeded in getting a clear working picture through a total 13 meters of cable?


Yes, but I guess once you go with fiber optics and active repeaters you can go on indefinitely.
Anyway, I invite anyone to find a cheaper working solution.


If someone else is looking to do that you should know there are much cheaper (and longer) fiber DP 1.4 cables on aliexpress. i own one, and while i didn’t try it yet with an HMD, it works just fine with my 2560x1440@165hz with g-sync, and so it should be fine for the HMDs too.


Did you try the fiber cable with a passive DP coupler instead of the active repeater?


I did but the passive coupler didn’t even work with a standard monitor and 2x1m cables so… either faulty or scam.


@3DeX edit… after some testing…nope cheap cables dosent work with the extender… i get no error in pitool, but the screen stays black.
@Elon61 can you test it with a Pimax? this would be a usefull info.