Display Week 2018: top displays up to 2,228 ppi! For Pimax or its rivals?


AMOLED on glass substrate Tech (more economical and allowing larger size and FOV):

INT Tech will present its 2,228 ppi panels on May 24th.

Google and LG will also present on May 24 their 4.3" panels of 1,443 ppi 18 megapixels at 120 Hz, with an approximate resolution of 5500x3000 pixels.
They would be to be used with eye tracking systems and possibly in the future LG Ultragear.

Update 05/22/2018:
Display Week 2018: Google and LG present their 4.3" 3840x4800 AMOLED screen

The two groups have technologies for flexible displays.


JDI will present their LCD 3.25" 1,001 ppi 2160x2432 panels at 120 Hz, with maximum latency of 2.2 ms, between May 22 and 24 and available at the end of March 2019.

Article in Spanish.

Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?
INT Announces 2228ppi amoled VR display
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Better Screens for VR

I only believe something when I see release date, price and when it ships. All these imaginary prototypes.

If only we could get actual products into our hands to replace the shitty vives and oculus.


@xunshu, those companies are about to announce screens of up to 2,228 ppi, almost all at 120Hz, LCD and AMOLED, which will need bridge chips or other technologies.

Maybe it would be worthwhile to get in touch.


Are you mad??? We are almost in mass production, do you want Pimax 8K to be delivered 2020??? :sweat_smile:


GOD NO, no more god damn delays. They should finish the damn product already. No more changes!!

@xunshu @xunshu @xunshu @xunshu @xunshu


Intense man. That comment really jumps off the page.


Relax, people: no time is lost in putting a chip in place of another, especially if it solves the problem of reaching the 90Hz. They can send the M1 before.


I’m not so sure … all delay is always the fault of the suppliers. :grin: :fearful:


In case they change the bridge chip and then the electronics… and then the displays… and then …


Exactly this!!

@xunshu Stop changing stuff and changing and changing and again and again and it will be year 2050 and still we wont receive that Pimax 8k!!! Hurry up already!


let’s finish Pimax 8K first and deliver, then start Pimax16 just after with integrated eyes tracking for 2020


I also hope that it arrives as soon as possible, but I am worried that the bridge chip will last less than a week.


Of course not, it’s way better if they stay with their choosen panel, then can make an improved OLED version later…


It’s for their Bridge Chips, not the panels.


Why you think that these displays are for gaming ? They are not.


Of course they are. They are designed exclusively for VR.


So tomorrow an important day for us VR fanatics, Google/LG will talk about their upcoming HMD at 11:10 AM in LA: http://www.displayweek.org/portals/5/pdf/2018%20Preliminary%20Program.pdf

So that would be 2:10 pm EST.

Hopefully we’ll learn when we can expect this HMD. I’m hoping early 2019, but we’ll see


Looking forward to it! Hopefully there’s some big announcements. Not just Kopin rallying investors


Yeah really looking forward to this too. Worst case scenario this is merely some proof of concept and Google/LG aren’t even planning on releasing the HMD … Or like Heliosurge suggested, they might choose to make it a standalone HMD, things like that would really be a bummer …


wouldn’t that require a redesign of the IC, why would the pin assignments or even number of pins be the same across the two chips?