Display week 2019: AUO 3.5k * 3.5k VR panels, BOE 8k VR panel and more



Display week started today and the first news is that AUO, a display maker that hasn’t really come up with exciting VR panels, is now showcasing a 3.5k * 3.5k panel: https://www.roadtovr.com/auo-showcase-1688-ppi-display-hdr-vr-headsets/


Just a note to that article, the 3.5K x 3.5K display isn’t specified to 120Hz, only spec shown for it atm is the resolution, size and part of the HDR capabilities.

Other specs of the display are still unknown: refresh rate, response time, contrast ratio, and response time of the HDR zones, and it isn’t clear what challenges the latter could pose for critical VR-specific display characteristics like low-persistence.

The 120Hz is other LTPS displays

The company says that some of its other new LTPS LCD displays (not intended for VR) boast a 120Hz refresh rate, 8.3ms response time, and up to 1,000 nits peak brightness, though it isn’t clear if these specs are shared by the VR display.


You’re right, I corrected it. We don’t know yet if this specific panel is 120 hz indeed.


No worries.
Ohh and if the AUO name is unfamiliar to people they are the ones who makes the top of the line 4K IPS HDR 120Hz+ gaming panels for Asus, Acer etc.


They’re not a small display maker at all. But so far they haven’t really delivered any interesting VR panels so it’s really great to see the competition heating up


What difference does HDR make? Better colors…?


True that, but my guess was that most users haven’t heard of them, just because they don’t do retail products afaik, and as you say, they haven’t really gone into the VR space.

Simple way to say it, “bright things can be really bright, dark things can be really dark, and details can be seen in both”, but it depends on how well it is implemented. But yes, better color range and contrast is kinda the point of it.
If you have the time, this is a decent article around it: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/hdr.htm


I think for VR HDR is a must as well. If I walk outside in a virtual real world then when I look at the sun my eyes should burn, you know, for immersion sake


But 2.9 inches still means small fov.


…and the context displays for Varjo.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the ability of a display to produce ranges of brightness that far exceed standard displays, thereby allowing the display to more realistically portray varying levels of brightness, especially for high brightness content like scenes with bright sunlight, fire, explosions, and more. No commercially available VR headsets offers HDR capabilities.

Though the HDR capabilities of AUO’s display can’t be controlled on a per-pixel basis, the 2,304 dimming zonesstrong text spread across the display can be adjusted individually to boost brightness where needed according to the current frame.

… and better colors and blacks, I supose.


WE all beg for HDR and then when they arrive, we run the panels at their lowest brightness settings so as to not hurt our eyes :rofl:

HDR spec is also about colour gamut so one should have a better display pallet which then eliminates banding of colour gradients and so on.


Will be ready for 2027!


Who knows when it will be ready. Display week is about demonstrating the latest prototypes, about attracting clients, for both prototype development, prototype to mass production but also near ready tech (JDI showed off their 2k * 2k panels last year, that HP is using for the Reverb this year).

If you’re not interested in that you should probably not read this topic.


and penny stock pushing. 99% of the stuff their never comes out


AUO is not a pennystock but a 3 billion dollar company https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AUO?p=AUO&.tsrc=fin-srch This is a very serious company.


The most interesting aspect to me is the use of mini LED backlit, meaning better blacks for LCD panels.


For the 5k+ just need the Razer 120hz qhd hddr igloo lcd screens & analogics new brdigechip. :heart_eyes:


I’m actually more interested in accomodation than anything else but I think that’s not necessarily a panel issue but a lense trick?


Boe showed an 8k 3.5" prototype at displayweek: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sid-display-week-2019-a-showcase-for-boes-leading-edge-display-technologies-300851314.html

They also showed an “0.39-inch 8K spliced VR display”, whatever that may be :slight_smile: