DisplayPort 2.0 Supports Dual 4K VR Displays @120Hz, First Products to Arrive



Good news for 8K-X headsets (new Display Port specs)

It will be awhile before video cards support this, but it will be great, for the 8K-X Mark II.


“VESA says the first products incorporating DP 2.0 are projected to appear on the market by late 2020.” so yeah, future me thinks it’s awesome, current me is like, meh.


id be more excited if dp 2.0 is supported over v-link. All of our dreams for the future are best realized with this as a standard. We need the single cable solution.


I agree and didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

Just that there’s plenty of people that seems to think that virtual link, as it is today, is the solution to everything when it really is just an usb 3.x and display port 1.4 cable in one, offering no added performance. But when it gets updated to utilize displayport 2.0 it’ll be very awesome indeed.