DIY VR HMD advice



Hey all, I’m looking for advice on a DIY HMD project I am working on. I’m wondering what products I should buy so that I can have a pair of 6 inch 1440p panels running in sync at 72hz.

Just don’t know what driver boards I should get. I also know that I will need a dual hdmi to DP cable to synchronize the displays. Any help would be appreciated.

@crony @PimaxUSA any advice you could offer?


@crony would be an excellent resource.


Looking at something like this @crony

Something like this is the ultimate goal.


Cool though I would shop around. Gearbest will charge you to return item if there is a problem.


@Heliosurge Im basically just looking at using the optics from this, with my own screen choice. See how you can see the whole phone reflected? If that were just a screen, you would have about 70 degrees, and at full resolution without SDE.

What size screen do you think I could fit in there. It says it supports a 5.5 inch phone, but I’m thinking I can fit a plain 6 inch screen in there (as long as there is no phone bezel.

  1. Using the OSVR
    See the osvr documentation. That would be very useful.

Display and driver boards are available from AliExpress.

Since the head tracker I used is no longer available from Ali, you will have to find another way possible.

For cases and lenses, I recommend using the Daydream vr headset.

  1. Ushing DMGeek’s diy info

I have not tried it yet, but it will be very useful to you too.


Thanks. I have been looking at Ali Express for displays all day. Do you need to solder anything when you buy through them? Or are they ready to go.

How do you contact the seller for a 60hz board? They tell you to leave them instructions, but no details how.

I’m assuming the config file will allow me to make a custom distortion profile?


There is no need to solder.

You need to email the seller to see if a 60Hz product is available.


@Crony I already have an HMD design Im going with. Its a device on Gearbest. It uses a mirror to reflect an entire phone display.

Im planning on using two displays, and two of those mirrors to make an HMD with about 80-90 degree FOV at full resolution.


@Crony here is the device I plan to use. It says it only suports 5.7 inch phones, but since im not going to have a phone, I wonder what size display I should use to maximize FOV.


That is neat. Hard to say on bezeless screen. 5.7 might be the limit


Here is a hackaday link of interest.



“5.7 might be the limit” In the video I posted, you could see the whole phone, screen, bezel, and all. It looks like if I could find a display on ali express, it could conceivably be larger, because it would just be the display.


Has anyone tried that AR headset from the Gearbest link?


@crony What do you think of this display?


Well I have not used the ar headset, so I’m not quite sure. But if it’s a vr headset…
If IPD adjustable, I recommend 6 inches, otherwise I would recommend 5.5 to 5.7 inches.


@crony Do you know anywhere that I could buy a mirror optic like in that AR headset?


@Community Does anyone have the DJI FPV goggles? It says it has HDMI type D (micro HDMI) and that it supports HDMI 1.4b. It has 2 1080p panels, and an 80 degree FOV. I was wondering if anyone who owns one can check and see if they can run it at 720P and 120hz through HDMI on their PC.

I’m thinking that if I could add a diy tracker to it, it would make a great high resolution HMD, and would take less work to get running.