Do you have a liaison with Valve?




I finally have a chance to reply.

Notwithstanding all the other things people above have mentioned, it seems that periodically when a SteamVR update occurs it breaks something with Pimax. Pimax should be given a heads up before a SteamVR update, and they should have access to that code to find any incompatibility issues with PiTool. Also, SteamVR should tell Pimax any changes that are going to be made beforehand so they can prepare.

And I still don’t understand why PiTool can’t be integrated within SteamVR. I understand that Valve is now a competitor because they’ve come out with their own headset, but for the sake of standardization, all headsets that are supported by SteamVR should have the ability to be integrated, eliminating the need to have a separate tool. It would be good for the consumers and good for SteamVR if the user only had to only launch one program.


I can understand the need for PiTool. Numerous features would likely have to be dropped, since SteamVR settings doesn’t include them (and Valve probably wouldn’t add them).

You do not need to run PiTool, once your HMD has been configured. It’s just a frontend for Pimax’s driver.


Who says Valve wouldn’t add them? SteamVR can be programmed to show options depending on which headsets are connected.


Would you hurry to implement new features for a competitor, especially if your HMD doesn’t support them? I think most companies would not.


Never tried this, but theoretically it should work. just use a mini DP -> to DisplayPort converter.

Yes, I have got confirmation they are looking into adding this option, having IPD offset slider for each eye.

I agree. PiTool is important as it allows us to customize a lot on out Pimax headsets, which would never be possible within SteamVR. In case you havent noticed, SteamVR is being scaled down (dumbed down) for every update lately. Options dissapear, everything starts to be plug and play-ready with minimal customization. Some options are only possible to change by editing steamvr.vrsettings file.

Also, some settings in the SteamVR config file are no longer even being used/affected (as the compositor/overlay render target resolution) and everything is now starting to feel “automated” based on your GPU speed/model. Thats not what VR enthusiast wants or needs. I fully understand why automation is needed for new VR users, but for serious VR enthusiasts, its painful.

This is why we need PiTool. To give us options. And freedom to add new features that Valve refuses to add into SteamVR.

Just look at Valve Index. To disable Parallell Projection, you need to edit the config file. Which they dont even want you to know about. Its all hidden, just to ensure newbies dont mess up something…


that’s fantastic news Martin, happy to hear :slightly_smiling_face: The vertical offset with 0.5 difference helpt me a lot with 3d depht, i think this also will be a major improvement for me and others. I didn’t know about the assymetry for myself untill an optician measured it, so i think it will help people also with eyestrain who are not aware of their assymetry and going to play with it


They weren’t a competitor when Pimax started developing the 5k/8k. In fact, they were very open and accommodating to 3’rd parties designing their own headsets.