Do you know GROUP BUY?


I did a survey on the Group buy, The results show that less than 30% of people know about this new shopping method.

Pinduoduo-a popular shopping App in China, the number of users had exceeded 200 million, GMV had exceeded $15 billion and listed on the NASDAQ stock market in the United States in 2018.

Do you think Amazon will be launch this kind Group Buy shopping method in the future?

Whether a lower price group-buying can increase your willingness to buy?
The group creator can get a free VR game after the success of the group buying, are you interested in trying to open a group?

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I received the survey questionnaire and answered back.
Honestly I never heard about Pinduoduo, maybe it’s a thing in China and US but in Europe the most known is Groupon (US based).
It has a good/bad reputation but the reach is huge and the deals, when honored by the suppliers, are very good.
I’ve been in some group buys and to organize and handle it’s almost always a huge mess, needs a lot of work and you get blamed if anything goes wrong.
The organizer should get an additional discount based on how many people he gets on-board.
I’d never ever do it, not even for a huge discount. One free VR game is not going to work IMHO.
I guess you give back some reward for referrals with the 50 USD discount, like the great SweViver.
That’s what I’d expect to give to someone leading a group buy of at least 5 people; if not a direct discount which would be better, could be translated in a 1 good title, plus 2 indie. More or less what you get with a high video card in promo.


Thank you so much for your advice
Compared with the SingleBuy, the GroupBuy price will have a discount price to all group members, if you are not willing to open a group, you can also join a group.
Below was an example group buying, pls help to see if there have any imperfect or unreasonable place