Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!



I do not understand why Canada is left out from both, Valve and Pimax launches. Do you apply some specific duty policy or trade regulations?


One of the best things that happened to Pimax is you, Martin.

Having you finally on their staff is one of the smartest moves they could make (along with having a local for the US support).

If you could take their internal updates they share with you and turn them into proper announcements (whether roadmap updates, sharing information on hurdles and what they are working on etc), you could do a lot to repair the brand and elevate the company’s reputation.

Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of the HMD, nothing currently comes close (FOV beats everything), and I’m having a ton of fun both in roomscale and simulators - but I appreciate that a lot of people have been left hanging and they’re rightfully pissed about missed commitments, poor quality control, lack of updates and generally not living up to the standards that a Western company is expected to demonstrate. These things can be fixed and I’m glad Pimax is now investing in service.


Pimax launch we are included. Valve Index though we were not able to order direct from Canada. Which I do find strange as Valve launched the Steam controller & steam link in both countries.


The same can be said for New Zealand… Hardly any VR headsets are released here… We are lucky to get cv1 and HTC vive 1st Gen… It’s annoying when the odyssey plus went on that huge sale and we could not even ship them here. It’s sad really.


Thank you so much Milan :slight_smile:

The whole Pimax is working very hard on the tickets, believe me. I had my doubts about this but now when I see whats happening behind the curtains, I can confirm the whole support team is working like crazy on all tickets. So Im not a godsent here doing some magic hehe, but indeed Im happy to be able to help out and make some faster communication and interaction between you and the support :slight_smile:


I have to say Im happily surprised to see how many tickets get’s processed and solved by the support team every day. I could have never imagined the amount on work and time spent by the tech/supen guys. Great job guys, this will get better and better for sure!


What is a SUPEN ticket and how can I create one ? My 8K is not working properly.


A SUPEN ticket is simply a support ticket :slight_smile: Just create one here:

Alternative URL:

Another alternative URL (this one doesn’t support https though):


Any chance on looking at SUPEN-2922


I didn’t mean just this new role - you’ve been a great advocate of Pimax from the get go and your videos and enthusiasm went a long way in promoting them and in providing the community with much needed updates.
I know you also got a lot of criticism but I for one have never doubted your genuine passion about Pimax and I’m sure I’m not alone. The Pimax HMD turned out to be great: it’s my daily driver and would never go back to a lower FOV - I even passed on the Index (ordered the controllers though!).

Keep up the great work!


Sorry for the delay mate. I will have a look at it tomorrow, and if I get hold of any of the support guys we might be able to sort it out fast. Worst case it might need to wait until Monday morning. I will let u know tomorrow (Saturday)

Thank you so much for your kind words Milan :slight_smile:
In the end, we all share the same passion and indeed the last months things have really improved.

I wish we had the current software and all updates already back in last year so people would understand how great the Pimax headsets really are. I know what you mean. This is why Ive been using my Pimax headsets 95% of the time. There is simply nothing else that can replace them right now. I hope one day people outside of this forum will realise that as well… :slight_smile:


Sorry @SweViver, but I have to say: a balanced view is also useful for people outside of this forum, so i must counter your enthusiasm somewhat.

Personally my Pimax has been used 0% of the time: gathering dust until the rotational latency issue is fixed. Its an absolute show stopper for me and many others. I understand that some people don’t notice it and don’t care, but people should consider that they might have a worthless product if they buy right now. I just hope that the clever Pimax engineers can solve it and I can get some usage of the product while its still relevant. They are really dragging their feet on this one, and the Index is looking really good to me right now.

I do love your enthusiasm though - keep up the good work.


I’m curious about the latency. I haven’t noticed it, but I don’t turn my head quickly in Elite D.

Do you have 1 or more base stations? The accelerometers in the headset won’t be as accurate as a fixed reference point (like a base station).


Its present with 2, 1 or 0 basestations, and in every other scenario you can possibly think of. Take a look at the discussion thread


Thanks buddy, I hope the issue gets sorted soon

I’ll wait I’ll Monday



As a reminder, if anyone needs support or havent got any ticket reply, just leave me a private message and I will do my best to speed it up :slight_smile: So far it has worked great I must say!

Cheers all!


how do you make the support ticket?


Goto pimaxvt site (link in Banner) create a support account & file a support ticket.

Once your support account is made you can file a ticket.


Hey everyone, just to inform you:
The support/ticket team has a day off today, as the “Dragon Boat Festival” national holiday in China has begun and will go on until Sunday. This could make the support a bit slower of course as only the US side can solve problems if needed.

If you have any ticket/supen you want to speed up, please leave me a private message and I will make sure it will be taken care of as soon as possible by the US support, or the main service office in China next Monday!

Thanks for understanding


Hi Martin, good news for you and Pimax.
So i drop in and ask for support for my ticket SUPEN-4402.
@SweViver could you please look in my ticket and clear the things for me up?

I had a defective HMD and was told to send it to UK warehouse and upload the receipt to get the money for shipping back.
So I send the the HMD at 15th May back to UK and the ticket was changed to resolved at 23rd May but I got no information.
As today I have no replacement HMD, no refund of the shipment cost and no information of the next steps.